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Why You Might Want to Hold Off Developing Apps for Windows 8

Windows 8
Microsoft executives have spent the past year and a half promoting Windows 8’s app store, in the hope that third-party developers would create a thriving ecosystem of games and productivity software. What’s the result of all that time and energy? As InfoWorld relates in a new posting, some 150,000 apps currently reside in the Windows Store—not a very impressive number, when you consider the number of Windows devices currently on the market, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of… continue…

Why Windows Developers Should Learn Android

As more PC makers load Android into their desktops, it might be a good time for Windows developers to become familiar with Google’s OS. Earlier this month, Hewlett Packard unveiled its first commercial Android All in One PC – the HP Slate21 Pro AiO. The desktop is designed to provide simple integration with Android-based phones and tablets, as well as automatically sync with Google Cloud Services. Meanwhile, Asus has its Transformer AiO P1801 and Lenovo its N308. David Chie, president… continue…

Is Microsoft Virtual Desktop 2012 Ready for Primetime?

Microsoft is lagging behind two powerhouses. I’m not talking about Windows Phone, the Microsoft Surface, or even its rank among browser use. The battle for third is in the virtualization environment. Microsoft is a distance behind Citrix and VMware. Why is that? Partly because Microsoft Virtual Desktop 2012 is still a relative newcomer to virtualizing and streaming the desktop. If you’ve spent any time with Microsoft Virtual Desktop 2008, then you may remember it was an overly complicated deployment. But a… continue…

Is VMware Horizon View Better Than XENDesktop?

As I wrote in a previous post, Citrix is the first name that’s invoked when discussing the virtual desktop. By far, though, it’s not the only company the delivers a virtual desktop to users. Microsoft VDI with RemoteFX, Red Hat Vitalization for Desktops, Dell/Quest vWorkspace, Desktone and VMware Horizon View all provide reliable, robust desktops too, but with far different architectures. As synonymous as Citrix is to the virtual desktop, VMware is to the virtual server. Practically inventing an industry,… continue…

Is Citrix the Best Remote Server?

Virtual Machines
This is the first in a series comparing the strengths and weaknesses of virtualized desktops. The three main players in virtual desktop integration (VDI) are Citrix, VMWare and Microsoft. Because it was first in the game, Citrix is often cited as the main player. I’m first reviewing Citrix XEN Desktop, then VMWare’s Horizon View and finally Microsoft’s VDI. Citrix is often the first name invoked when someone’s considering a virtualized desktop solution. Though the company’s been around since 1989, the… continue…