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A product’s interface gives users their first impressions, which can be critical to it’s ultimate success—or failure. In this community we’ll discuss everything from the education and skills you need, to best practices and design trends—all the resources you need for a successful career in UI or UX.

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Skills All Front-End Developers Must Have

Responsive Design
Front-end developers go by many names. They are sometimes called front-end engineers, Web developers, UI engineers or even Web designers. While the titles vary, the things they do are the same. Their focus is on building the interactive part of the website that users see and touch. (Well, the part they touch through their screens, anyways.) Are you an engineer with serious design skills? Do you care about how things look as well as how they work? Are you passionate… continue…

How to Go From Designer to UX Designer

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Website Wireframe
When most people hear the word design, they think of making things look good. However, with consumers demanding equal parts beauty, ease and utility in every site and application they use, design has broadened to encompass numerous new skills and capabilities that go beyond what things look like. And you, dear UX designer, are the one who makes them all come together. How? Click here to find UX jobs. Well, User Experience (UX) designers should have graphic design skills, like… continue…

Why User Experience Designers Are More Valued Than Ever

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Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 1.34.18 PM
IBM will pump $100 million into consulting services designed to help improve clients’ user experience design (UX). As part of that initiative, Big Blue will open 10 “Interactive Experience” labs at locations around the world, including London, Melbourne, Mexico City, New York, Shanghai, and Tokyo. “There’s no longer any real distinction between business strategy and the design of the user experience,” Bridget van Kralingen, senior vice president of IBM Global Business Services, wrote in a statement. “The last best experience… continue…

Why Demand for Interaction Designers is Rising

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User Interface
For the uninitiated, interaction design is less a job than a type of architectural practice. It’s been around for quite a while, though often under different job titles. Think hypermedia designer, information architect, GUI designer, front-end engineer or user experience architect. While the titles have changed in relation to the environment, industry or task at hand, the practice has remained fundamentally the same. Interaction designers look at an organization’s overall needs, observe how users interact with products or concepts and… continue…

Gestures Are the Next Big Thing in UI

Aircraft Carrier Hand
For the most part, user interfaces today require users themselves to do all the work. But as technology evolves to allow people to use gestures alone, that’s changing. The result: Working with technology is becoming more natural and more effective. For example, in the near future it may be possible to refuse a call simply by looking at a ringing phone and shaking your head. If you’ve stopped paying attention or left the room, the app might pause to await… continue…