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How to Build Your Job Credentials With Code

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Good Code
The mark of a great programmer is well-written code, but it’s not always easy to showcase the quality of your work. As a contract programmer, I’ve started to bring printed examples of my code to interviews. I make sure that I know every line of whatever I bring and can explain what it does. I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science (from 1981), but being able to show that I write good code is much more effective for landing… continue…

This Oregon County is Desperate for Tech Talent

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Map of Oregon
Tech businesses in the Eugene-Springfield, Ore., area are having trouble finding the professionals they need to expand. They’re looking for a range of skills including Web development, DevOps, Java development and UI design. The companies vary in size from Symantec, with 1,400 employees and 90 openings at its facility in Springfield, to smaller businesses including Web and mobile developer Concentric Sky, real estate tech firm IDX and small business product developer Palo Alto Software. “When I think of the tech… continue…

PlayScript: Zynga Playing Clever

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The need to convert Web content to mobile has exploded with users’ adoption of mobile technologies and mobile apps. And while mobile isn’t replacing the Web, content providers need to create content for both places. In the earlier days of mobile development, that meant re-writing Web apps for each mobile platform. To combat this hugely inefficient process, a variety of compilers have been developed that generate code compatible with other platforms. For example, there are C++ compilers for Android that… continue…

Backend as a Service is Burgeoning

Anyone doubting the viability of Backend as a Service (BaaS) only needs to look at Facebook’s acquisition of Parse.com this year and the growth of BaaS over the past eight years. Facebook’s acquisition of Parse.com, for example, allows the social media giant to provide their own backend services for games and applications. Close integration of Parse with the Facebook platform should lead to reduced server latency and greater responsiveness. Parse.com has been described as both BaaS and XaaS (Everything as a Service).… continue…

Responsive Web Design: Opportunities and Challenges

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Responsive design is a phrase within Web development that has come to seem more fashionable than useful, but it does have meaning. continue…

What We Mean When We Talk About HTML5

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One key question weighs on the minds of those considering HTML5 for development projects: “Is it ready?” continue…

Elderwood’s Watering Hole Attacks are ‘Astonishing’

Zebras Drinking
The extent to which a group of hackers dubbed “the Elderwood Project” has left digital traces is astonishing, according to Symantec researchers. In a blog post, they’ve documented efforts by the group, named for a source code variable they use to quickly deploy zero-day exploits through spear phishing e-mails and, increasingly, through Web injections in watering-hole attacks. What is this exploit? Think about a thirsty zebra on the Serengeti. Predators wait at the oasis, knowing that eventually the zebras will show… continue…

My Ode to Tech: Christmas, the Moon and the Future

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My holiday season has been low-key this year. My wife set out all the red-and-white candy-cane candles, festive figurines and decorations. We’ve dispensed with the annual pilgrimage to buy a Christmas tree with the kids. Instead our three-piece, LED-illuminated plastic-and-wire tree assembles in 10 minutes and doesn’t require watering. This is still my favorite season, a chance to spend more time with my family. It’s also a time of reflection. Moonshot Memories I remember Christmas 1968 as a 10-year old.… continue…

New York City’s 10 Coolest Startups

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Silicon Alley keeps expanding. New York City’s startup scene is flourishing as funding finds its way to the brightest ideas. Money is flowing not only from local heavyweights such as Union Square Ventures and AOL Ventures, but also from legions of angel investors and even Kickstarter. Many of today’s startup pioneers have been around the track once or twice before, and they seem to realize more than ever that every good idea needs to be accompanied not only by wishful thinking,… continue…

Is Anti-Virus Passe?

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When security firm Imperva checked more than 80 unreported viruses against several anti-virus solutions, it found that none of the tested programs were able to detect previously unreported viruses and that 75 percent of solutions took a month or more to update their signatures. That isn’t good news, and while Imperva obviously has some self-interest here, their November Hacker Intelligence report, Assessing the Effectiveness of Anti-Virus Solutions, is worthy of a closer read nonetheless. What it means is that we have to depend on a… continue…