Gigabyte’s Twin Thunderbolt Ports Power 4K Display

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Gigabyte Dual Thunderbolt
Here’s something new for Intel’s pricey Ivy Bridge connection standard. Motherboard maker Gigabyte’s been showing off a 4K monitor array using one of its new twin Thunderbolt motherboards and the HD 4000 graphics that you’d find on any third-generation i5 or i7 processor. To pull this off, Gigabyte blended a few technologies. Each Thunderbolt chip is able to output 2K worth of graphics which can be split over two standard 1080p monitors using a DisplayPort to Dual-DisplayPort adaptor that gives… continue…

Facebook’s Poke, Snapchat Highlight Issues with Secure Communications

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No matter how secure a system for texting or sending images, there’s (nearly) always a workaround. continue…

YouTube Builds Up Analytics Toolset

YouTube has added several new analytics tools, letting users dissect video-related data in any number of ways. continue…

How Fast Internet Pipes Choke On Full HD Video

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Just because your home or office has a fast Internet pipe doesn’t mean that you can watch full HD video content online. This is according to a new survey published in August by Wistia, a video hosting service based in San Francisco. “Almost a fifth of all video views in the U.S. are not capable of seamlessly streaming HD content. These views are spread out across the nation and affect people in many different places, including businesses large and small.… continue…

‘Hackability’ is the Future of Programming in a Post-PC World [Video]

Is hacking at risk? With more platforms creating closed environments, what does that mean for the future of hackability? Hacking is critical for innovation and development, and now that the world is made of computers (what device doesn’t have a chip in it?) hacking has the power to innovate practically everywhere and affect our lives. “I love to make things that help other people make things,” says Adam Wiggins (@hirodusk), founder of the cloud application platform Heroku and a self-proclaimed… continue…

Dailymotion Wants Artists to Reap Crowd Funding

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Forget the “Like” button. Dailymotion hopes users will hit its Flattr button as it seeks to create what it calls the first worldwide crowd-funded social video network. Dailymotion, the world’s second largest video portal, has partnered with Swedish micropayments platform Flattr to create  its new payment system. Under the Motionmakers program, users can pay  online video creators directly for their content, giving artists, actors, musicians, podcasters and others a straightforward way to monetize their work. Video creators who are part of Dailymotion’s program, the… continue…

Apple TV Expected Next Year

Apple TV Sketch
Apple’s HDTV reportedly looks a lot like the one used in the iMac. It also has an iSight camera capable of facial recognition and comes with Siri. At least this is what one source told Cult of Mac. Google TV or Apple TV? Tell us which you prefer in the comments below. Unfortunately, we don’t know whether the Apple TV comes preloaded with an iOS version, or maybe something between iOS and OS X. I hope it does. It  should… continue…

It’s Time to Migrate Your Android App to Google TV

Google TV Update
Google TV has been slow to catch on, but that may soon change. Later this month, LG will release a new line of 3D Google TVs, which will have access to the Google Play Store as well as Web content through the Chrome browser. The 3D-capable TVs will come with a Marvell dual-core chip set operating at 1.2GHz, allowing users to blend PC-like Google experiences–such as searching the Web and watching video on YouTube and Google Play–with watching good old-fashioned live TV.… continue…

LG Cloud Speeds Up Content Syncing

LG Cloud
LG Electronics has released a Beta cloud service where consumers can upload their photos, videos and other files through Android mobile devices, smartTVs and set-top boxes. You can download the Cloud app from Google Play or LG’s SmartWorld app store. Among other things the service, LG Cloud, automatically synchronizes and streams content from smartphones to TVs, “almost instantaneously.” The speed comes from LG’s decision to stream — not download — the content. 3D content is supported and can be streamed… continue…

Social Video Startups and Getting Into Games [DiceTV]

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Christina Smith
New social media startups let you do more with video — and they need help… Want a job in games? Here’s how to get a studio’s attention… and how your job could be impacted by people bringing their own devices. All on this week’s DiceTV.