Google+ Hangouts Can Now Make Free Phone Calls

Google+ Hangouts icon
Google+’s Hangouts has just gone a whole lot more awesome. The group video chat feature of Google’s social network, one which rival Facebook has no answer to yet, had been pimped out with numerous features that enhance collaboration. Now it’s been updated again with one extra feature: You can make phone calls from within the Hangouts interface to any number in the U.S. and Canada, for free. Once the connection is established, the call recipient can join the conversation with… continue…

Tango Video Chat App to Hit PC in Weeks

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Tango for PC
Apple’s video call app, Facetime, has gotten increasingly less attractive over time, thanks to third-party video apps like Tango. Since it works only on Apple devices and only over Wi-Fi, Facetime is far from the most convenient solution, especially users are on the go. Apps like Tango break the barrier by enabling video calls over 3G networks, not being limited to Apple devices: They work with the ever-growing Android troops. Now, Tango wants to widen its reach with a Windows… continue…

Vidyo’s Video Conferencing Fills the Space Between Polycom and Skype

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If you want to rely on videoconferencing for your business and have Quality of Service, you need to spend a fortune to build an in-room telepresence solution, such as those developed by Polycom. The rest of us who don’t spend that kind of money often opt for Skype — which is free — and that’s fantastic. But it’s far from reliable, and you wouldn’t bet your business on it. Is there a happy medium? At Interop 2011 I saw Vidyo,… continue…

Big Companies *Heart* Young Workers, But Not Everywhere

Apparently there’s some truth to all that talk about established companies wanting young tech workers… Another voice says hiring’s gaining momentum in Silicon Valley… And how Apple might shut off your iPhone’s camera, whether you want it to or not. All on this week’s Update.

Letting Students Pass Digital Notes in School and Church

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How much has school and church changed in the digital age? At CIO Boot Camp at Interop in Las Vegas, I spoke with Dr. Rob Rennie, CIO & VP, Technology for Florida State College at Jacksonville, and Bill Crane, CIO for Saddleback Church about how their institutions have changed, mostly thanks to portable Internet devices like smartphones and iPads. Their students, a.k.a. “The Millennials,” are done with paper. They want everything digital. Digital means constant communications, everywhere, even in church.… continue…

E3: Games or Girls? Booth Babes Tell Us Why People Stop By to Visit

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If you’ve been to E3, you know about the Booth Babes. (Don’t yell at me. I didn’t come up with the term.) These are the always young, always pretty women who station themselves at the front of the expo’s booths in, let’s say, cutting edge costumes to attract you out of the aisle. They are universally friendly, happy to pose for photos or chat, and should be commended for their patience, for who knows what kind of conversations they have… continue…

E3: The Game Business Feels Good About the Coming Year

At E3, I spoke to a number of video game companies and players about trends in the business. The bottom line: Slow but steady growth this year. And some awesome games.

Update: Windows 8, Mid-Market CIOs, and a Very Creative App

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Windows 8 is causing some consternation among developers… What’s on the mind of mid-market CIOs… And technology at work: A new app lets you check out your favorite bar before you leave the comfort of your own home. All on this week’s Update.

DiceTV’s Ask Cat: How Can I Tweak My Resume to Break Into a New Industry?

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Can you re-apply to a job, after you’ve already sent your application in? And how can you customize your resume to make you an attractive candidate in an industry you’ve never worked in before? Cat tells us the answers.

McTivia’s The Best Apple TV Alternative You’ll Ever Get

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Some people that have given Apple TV a try have experienced some type of difficulty or technical glitch. At times, the unit might even stop working, period. This, of course, can ruin anybody’s movie night. Apple TV was designed to broadcast video sources directly from YouTube, iTunes and Netflix, among other sources. The video plays on the TV through a wireless gadget called Airplay. According to Apple and some users, the set up of the Airplay and Apple TV is… continue…