It’s Time to Migrate Your Android App to Google TV

Google TV Update
Google TV has been slow to catch on, but that may soon change. Later this month, LG will release a new line of 3D Google TVs, which will have access to the Google Play Store as well as Web content through the Chrome browser. The 3D-capable TVs will come with a Marvell dual-core chip set operating at 1.2GHz, allowing users to blend PC-like Google experiences–such as searching the Web and watching video on YouTube and Google Play–with watching good old-fashioned live TV.… continue…

LG Cloud Speeds Up Content Syncing

LG Cloud
LG Electronics has released a Beta cloud service where consumers can upload their photos, videos and other files through Android mobile devices, smartTVs and set-top boxes. You can download the Cloud app from Google Play or LG’s SmartWorld app store. Among other things the service, LG Cloud, automatically synchronizes and streams content from smartphones to TVs, “almost instantaneously.” The speed comes from LG’s decision to stream — not download — the content. 3D content is supported and can be streamed… continue…

Social Video Startups and Getting Into Games [DiceTV]

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Christina Smith
New social media startups let you do more with video — and they need help… Want a job in games? Here’s how to get a studio’s attention… and how your job could be impacted by people bringing their own devices. All on this week’s DiceTV.

Philips Transfers Most of its TV Business to Hong Kong

Philips HDTV
Philips is following Samsung’s direction and selling/transferring 70 percent of its unprofitable television business to Hong Kong-based TPV Technology. Are the mainline TV manufacturers doomed? Share your thoughts below.  The joint venture, called TP Vision, is expected to lessen the drag of Philips’ unprofitable TV business. Yet the primary goal is to elevate Philips into one of the top three players in the TV industry. Philips CEO Frans van Houten said this “joint venture does not mean the end of Philips TVs,… continue…

Givit Gives Flipshare Users a New Way to Save Videos

Givit Logo
Givit, creator of a cloud service and mobile app that allows users to send videos to friends to kick off instant messaging, will replace Flipshare, the video-sharing service Cisco had offered to users of its discontinued Flip camera. Users have 30 days from March 15 to move existing videos over. They can continue to load new clips to Flipshare until it closes in December 2013, but will have to transfer them within 30 days. Givit is free to use and… continue…

Hulu to up the Ante in 2012 with $500M of Content

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Hulu, the video streaming service, intends to spend approximately $500 million on content in 2012. Content on Hulu’s free service has maintained a steady 40 percent growth rate each year. In contrast, content on Hulu Plus has more than doubled. An announcement from Hulu stated the advantages of their company over its increasingly competitive rivals: Our model [of free and paid upselling] allows us to profitably pay content owners approximately 50% more in content licensing fees per subscriber when compared… continue…

CES: Canonical Unveils Ubuntu Powered TV

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While the rumors of an Apple TV still circulate, Canonical unveiled a real working Ubuntu TV at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  PC Pro is reporting that an Ubuntu powered TV will likely be on the shelves by the end of the year. “It’s a simple viewing experience for online video, both your own and routed over the internet,” Jane Silber, Canonical’s CEO told PC Pro. Movie streaming services will be supported as well as live television broadcasts. Canonical seems… continue…

Would You Try to Sign In With a Picture Password?

Windows 8 Picture Password
Microsoft has been publishing information about some of their projects on their blog as it develops Windows 8. The latest: “Signing in with a picture password.” Many laptops have implemented similar measures to strengthen security. Recently, with the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade, Android also adopted this feature and now you can use your own face to unlock your smartphone. Now Microsoft wants to strengthen security and make PCs unbreakable. As security measures start to become more complex and passwords require… continue…

Universal Can Censor Non-Infringing YouTube Videos

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Mega Song: I Love Megaupload
Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom cried foul last week when a new promotional music video for the file-sharing service was removed from YouTube by Universal Music Group on copyright grounds. This wouldn’t be news if the video did indeed infringe on any part of Universal’s copyright, except it didn’t. While the music video features many mainstream artists, including P Diddy,, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, The Game and Mary J. Blige, it doesn’t contain any copyrighted music. These artists… continue…

5 Tips to Succeed in Video Interviews

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Skype to Facebook video call
The video interview is coming. Whether it’s because of tight travel budgets, or that you will telecommute, or even use video for your on-the-job meetings, video is increasing in use as bandwidth issues become a thing of the past. Throw in something like Apple’s Facetime for making everyday calls to your friends and how far behind will video interviews be in the marketplace? But a video interview is a very different experience than a traditional face-to-face interview. Sure, you can… continue…