Watch This 8-Bit Version of Game of Thrones

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Super Mario Game of Thrones Thumbnail
Well, it had to happen. Someone finally figured out that Game of Thrones and Super Mario go together like… Well, I’m not sure what. But YouTube user NicksplosionFX had a vision, and he wasn’t afraid to execute. To all you Game of Thrones fans out there, you may never watch the show in the same way again. Related Stories This Hysterical Video About BuzzFeed Is Right On Target An Ale That Celebrates Pac-Man’s Legacy A Hilarious Video of a Business… continue…

The Most Painful Internet Lag We’ve Ever Seen [Video]

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Living With Lag Screenshot
Lag sucks: we all know that, and here’s a demonstration that proves the point well. The broadband provider Umea Energi strapped four hardy adventurers into Oculus Rift headsets and had them play ping pong, bowl, cook and dance – all with an Internet connection that wasn’t quite up to snuff. The results were both dorky and messy. Related Stories A Hilarious Video of a Business Meeting’s Lone Engineer Internet of Things Could Communicate Using Vodka This Hysterical Video About BuzzFeed… continue…

Watch This Selfie-Taking Guy Get Kicked in the Head by a Train [Video]

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This one is short but sweet, which is OK, because you’ll want to watch it a few times. While it’s clear that the moral of the story is that selfies can be dangerous, you’ll need to look a little closer in order to understand why. Press pause, hit “2” on your keyboard and all becomes clear. Of course, we do have basic questions about anyone who turns their back to a train that’s going to pass a couple of feet… continue…

Extreme Livestock: What Happens When a GoPro Lands in a Pig Pen [Video]

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Pig Pen Video Thumbnail
You’ll learn several things from this video: Don’t drop your GoPro from an airplane, GoPros are incredibly well-made and when photographed from certain angles, pigs look a lot like the star of Cloverfield. Related Stories A Hilarious Video of a Business Meeting’s Lone Engineer This Hysterical Video About BuzzFeed Is Right On Target  GoPro Unveils Dive Camera Housing H/T: CNET

This Hysterical Video About BuzzFeed Is Right On Target

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A hundred and thirty million visitors, 110 million YouTube views, a funnel from Facebook — BuzzFeed generates traffic the way Goldman Sachs generates money. Of course, this isn’t the first time the Internet world’s been compared to finance — hell, they’re in bed together — but I haven’t seen anything that marries the two quite like this trailer does. If you don’t get the joke, check out the pitch to the Wolf of Wall Street and all will become clear.… continue…

A Hilarious Video of a Business Meeting’s Lone Engineer

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Frustrated Engineer
Painful. Sometimes that’s the only word that can describe what it’s like to be the sole engineer in a meeting full of product and marketing types. If you don’t think what happens to this guy can happen to you, you’re either kidding yourself or you’re very, very lucky. If you have been in this kind of sit down, well… We’re sorry. Related Stories How to Convince Management to Hire More IT Staff How to Communicate Effectively With Your Team Terms… continue…

Watch Bill Gates Get Wiped Out in Chess

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Chess champion Magnus Carlsen checkmated the world’s richest man in just under 80 seconds. continue…

Verizon Buys Intel TV

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Yes, Intel was working on cloud-television services. Verizon will now use those assets to strengthen its own video delivery. continue…

Watch a Cisco Manager Conduct a Whiteboard Test

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Michelle Concannon, a software development hiring manager at Cisco Systems Collaboration Technology Group, has seen it all during her nearly seven years at the networking giant: From death grips on the marker during whiteboard tests, to candidates who freeze when the board suddenly seems very, very blank. Concannon, who recently relocated from Ireland to Cisco’s San Francisco offices, doesn’t want to see these signs of fear. She wants job applicants to feel at ease. Success at the whiteboard, after all,… continue…

Transmedia Uses Tech to Change Storytelling

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Jay Bushman is an Emmy-winning transmedia producer, show runner and writer. He was behind the Jane Austen inspired, tremendously successful, 153 episode series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and more recently, its 27 episode summer spinoff Welcome To Sanditon. An innovator in the way we experience narrative entertainment, Bushman is the co-founder and leader of the group Transmedia Los Angeles, the creator of the Fourth Wall Studio series Dirty Work, and the genre-defying, animated steampunk show Airship Dracula. He’s comfortable telling… continue…