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Cool Skin: A Game Artist and Her Tattoos

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Kathryn's Tattoo
Kathryn Greenbaum has a cool job in games, but we’ll get to that. First let’s talk about what’s on her skin. Specifically her four tattoos, all in black ink, one on each arm, two on her torso. We talked about her arm. I like the intimacy of the piece. Tell us the story behind it? My younger sister is an incredibly talented artist and had never designed a tattoo before, so I asked her to do some sketches of horse… continue…

Review: Lewis Pulsipher’s ‘How to Design Epic Games’

Lewis Pulsipher’s name should be very familiar to game players of the past 30 years. He’s had several games published, including Britannia — ranked in the top 100 games — as well as Dragon Rage, Valley of the Four Winds, Diplomacy variants, RPG material and others. He also teaches college-level game-design classes in North Carolina. More recently, Pulsipher published Game Design: How to Create Video and Tabletop Games, Start to Finish. This 260-page paperback is focused solely on a topic that isn’t well-covered elsewhere. The… continue…

Sony’s New PlayStation 3 Will Be a Tough Sell

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Sony Playstation 3 Thumbnail
Sony has lifted the lid on what might be its least exciting console-related grand unveiling to date – the redesigned PlayStation 3. Give credit where credit is due: The updated PlayStation is 25 percent slimmer than the previous version, and 50 percent slimmer than the portly first generation model. It looks good, but it’s still a PlayStation 3 that rehashes an almost decade-old piece of gaming equipment. Meanwhile, Nintendo has a new console ready to roll, and Microsoft is putting… continue…

Pac-Man Goes Online as Open Source

It’s possibly the most famous arcade game. Pac-Man, launched by NAMCO Bandai in 1980, took the world by storm, generating a wide following, a top-10 hit single and an animated television series to boot. It’s also the world’s most recognized video game character, though I’d be surprised if maybe Mario doesn’t come close nowadays. Now, there’s an unofficial open source clone in HTML5/JavaScript that stands out from the crowd as a historical tribute and accurate remake. It can be played online… continue…

The Tech Skills Studios Need to Produce Their Games [DiceTV]

Cat Miller
Whether you play them on your smartphone, tablet, desktop or browser, this is the golden age of computer games. They’re as slick as movies — and can cost as much to produce and market. They’re worth big money, too. To create them, studios need skills from across the tech spectrum. Cat tell us more, from our upcoming college app.

Will 343 Mess Up Halo 4? Some Fans Worry [DiceTV]

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Cat Miller
On’s forums, some fans worry that Halo 4 won’t live up to the expectations set by its predecessors. To those hung up on the idea that new developer 343 Industries will make needless changes, others say: Stop obsessing.

Teach Your Robot To Kick Ass

For some reason, in their psyche, many programmers love to pit their code against others. I’m not talking about programming reviews, but rather virtual arenas where programmable entities like bots, worms, etc. battle it out against each other. The oldest battleground is probably the venerable RobotWar created in the 1970s. Though not exactly mainstream, competitive programming games like CRobots, RoboWar, Core War and RoboCode are excellent ways to improve your programming skills by trashing your opponent’s code to the ground.… continue…

Microsoft Flight Simulator May Not Help You Pilot a Drone

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Rq-4A Global Hawk In Flight
Spending a lot of time playing Microsoft Flight Simulator or Falcon 4.0: Allied Force? Ever wonder if  your gaming skills would translate into a real world job? Maybe you should think about flying drones. Or not. On the one hand, the use of drones — and the need for pilots — is rising. On the other hand, you’ll need a lot of skills beyond flight simulation in order to qualify. If you’re interested, the first step is to avoid saying… continue…

Transmedia Development Offers Varied Tech Opportunities [DiceTV]

Cat Miller
Media companies from ad agencies to movie studios are engaged in nothing less than the reinvention of narrative, and the leading edge is something called transmedia, a push to deliver content on your phone, your PC, your iPod, your TV, in the theater. Its needs vary, but one thing’s certain: Tech smarts are needed to make it all happen.

Halo Nation Worries About 343′s Approach to Halo 4

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Halo 4 Preview
Since Microsoft put out the word that Halo 4 will hit the consoles on Nov. 6, an interesting buzz has occupied fans as they while away the months. It’s all about Bungie. Bungie, of course, is the Bellevue, Wash., studio that developed Halo’s first three installments. Begun as an independent, it was purchased by Microsoft in 2000, then spun off in 2007. It had hoped to create Halo 4 – and why wouldn’t it? – but after it completed a… continue…