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Men, Women Make Different Pitches to VCs

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Women and men have different styles when it comes to pitching venture capitalists on their businesses. Women rely on metrics, while men pitch broad visions, according to women VCs at MIT’s 16th Annual Venture Capital Conference. The Boston Business Journal reported that the topic was one of many at the Women in VC panel event, which also touched upon the challenges and solutions in the women-led VC space. While men tend to pitch a vision for the future, women have… continue…

7 Tips to Landing the Right Venture Deal

In many ways, attracting venture capital isn’t that different from landing an angel round, says Matt Ehrlichman, a serial entrepreneur in Seattle whose latest venture is the home-improvement site It’s about your knowledge and experience in your business’s particular area, surrounding yourself with A-list co-founders and having a credible strategy for tackling a real market opportunity. However, the VC process is more formal. It involves much more scrutiny of your business and the market, many more meetings – and… continue…

Here’s How You Can Pitch VC Tim Draper

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Forget the 12 days of Christmas. If you’re an entrepreneur, Jan. 10, 2014, should be circled on your calendar. That’s the deadline to submit your business plan for an opportunity to pitch noted Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper, who’ll listen to and critique presentations from three entrepreneurs. Draper will sit down with these startup founders on Jan. 23, 2014, at his Draper University in San Mateo. While no one’s promising any funding, you’ll come away with valuable tips on how to improve… continue…

VCs Pump Cash Into Security Startups

A significant rise in cybercrimes and corporate hacking means that cybersecurity equipment and software companies are enjoying a real upswing. Venture capital firms are taking note and pouring cash into startups in the sector, according to the Los Angeles Times. AlienVault of San Mateo, for instance, has raised $55 million in three rounds since January 2012. The company snagged seven top security executives from Hewlett-Packard, many of whom had worked at Fortify Software, a San Mateo security company HP bought… continue…

How Stock Options Work in VC-Backed Firms

It’s good news when venture capital finds your company good enough to invest in. That’s when your boss will likely create an option pool for the employees she wants to keep. And since more tech firms are seeing venture capital investment, the likelihood of top talent receiving stock options is growing as well. The amount of venture money invested is rising, jumping 12 percent in the third quarter, and tech firms saw a big chunk of that money. Investment in… continue…

VC Associates: Your Path to the Partners

If you’re hoping to get venture funding for your startup, one of your first contacts may be an associate, like Matthew Goldstein of Trinity Ventures in Menlo Park. While you’re probably thinking mostly about a firm’s partners, getting to know an associate like him could be a key to landing the funding you want. Goldstein is one of two associates who form Trinity’s team along with eight partners. The firm focuses on two kinds of technology investments: Its consumer practice… continue…

Here’s Your Chance to Pitch a Silicon Valley VC

If you’re looking for feedback on the pitch for your startup, there’s no one better to get it from than a VC. So Dice News has arranged for noted Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper to listen to and critique presentations from three entrepreneurs. Draper will sit down with these startup founders on Jan. 23, 2014, at his Draper University in San Mateo. While no one’s promising any funding, you’ll come away with valuable tips on how to improve your… continue…

Most Tech Startups Don’t Raise Big Money Before Exits

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In what’s bound to be come as a surprise to many startups, 76 percent of tech companies acquired in 2012 made their exits without raising institutional investment, according to a report from the venture capital database CB Insights. During the year, 2,277 private tech companies were bought out for a total disclosed value of $46.8 billion. (The value of some deals wasn’t reported.) Eight of those were purchased for more than $1 billion, six in the U.S. But the big… continue…

Startup Sees Better Fundraising Opportunity in Baltimore

Baltimore Receives Thousands of New Jobs and Many are in IT
Can you pack up your whole company and move to a better business climate? Saad Alam, CEO and co-founder of the education-tech startup Citelighter, thinks so. Alam moved from New York City to Baltimore in October and plans to move the company’s other five employees there in February or March. (Dice News has asked how the staff feels about relocating, but hasn’t yet received an answer.) Alam cites Baltimore’s community of education tech companies and the prospect of catching local… continue…

The Ins and Outs of Financing Your Startup

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You’ve got a great idea for a company. Now how do you finance it? Do you pay for it with your own savings? Ask Mom and Dad for help? What about a bank loan, angel funding or venture capital? In this week’s hangout, we look at the risks and rewards of different strategies, including how each can affect both your relationships, and your bottom line.