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Silicon Valley Quest for Innovative Talent Continues

What’s New This Quarter How do we know that things are going pretty well these days in Silicon Valley? Because 23 newly minted billionaires told us so: The most recent Forbes list of the richest of the rich found some of the moguls in Silicon Valley are among the world’s youngest, including the co-founders of both Uber and Snapchat. The final numbers from 2014 showed that Silicon Valley’s tech economy continues to boom, with 58,000 new jobs and 42,000 new… continue…

VCs Helping Chicago’s Tech Sector Grow

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What’s New This Quarter Some 155 Chicago tech companies raked in $1.6 billion in tech investments in 2014, according to Built In Chicago. That’s in addition to 34 area companies exiting to the tune of $7 billion, and a number of tech startups enjoying increased funding. “Historically, the coasts have been popular hubs for tech and analytics jobs. However, with many top engineering programs in the Midwest, many tech companies based on the West and East Coasts are opening up… continue…

The ‘Final Pinch’ That Dooms Startups

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What’s one of the biggest dangers facing your average startup founder? According to Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham, it’s the self-delusion that sets in during the startup’s last six months’ worth of operating capital, when founders refuse to either curb expenses or change strategic course. To find a tech job at a stratup, click here. “There may be nothing founders are so prone to delude themselves about as how interested investors will be in giving them additional funding,” Graham wrote… continue…

Are We Headed for Another Dot-Com Bubble?

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Many Silicon Valley veterans remember when the dot-com bubble popped in 2000, and dozens of startups and mid-size tech companies imploded. Even those firms built on a solid business model, such as Amazon, teetered on the verge of total collapse. In the years leading up to that epic “Pop,” investors and venture capitalists poured millions of dollars into the bank accounts of seemingly any startup with a “.com” after its name and a business plan that touched the Web in… continue…

Can New York Really Be the Next Silicon Valley?

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New York’s tech space has been bubbling for some time, with many local officials, executives and investors betting that the city is poised to become the next Silicon Valley. But even as local technology businesses boom and startups connect themselves to the region’s traditional advertising, media and financial industries, that goal remains elusive, notes the New York Times. For one thing, none of the companies deemed to be breakout stars – like Foursquare, and even Tumblr — have lived… continue…

Investors Wary of Startups As Tech Stocks Drop

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The recent downturn in tech stocks has venture capitalists and IPO investors turning cautious. That’s not good news for startups. “We’re obviously in the throes of what feels like a correction for the small-cap and growth-equity companies,” David Golden, managing partner at San Francisco-based Revolution Ventures, told The Wall Street Journal. Jim Breyer, a partner at venture capital firm Accel Partners, said more time in board meetings is being spent on financial strategies. For details on how this impacts you,… continue…

Follow Investors’ Dollars to Job Opportunities

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“Follow the money” is a phrase many still associate with corruption scandals. But the same principle works for tech investments. If you want to know what’s really happening — and why — the money trail will lead you to answers. The recent Consumer Electronics Show, for example, spotlighted big trends that are getting big funding and will create potentially big hiring. Analyst Tim Bajarin, who has attended the last 30 of these shows, says the key trends in 2014 are… continue…

How Women Can Change the Tech Investment Landscape

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It’s inevitable that sometimes women tech entrepreneurs will face gender bias when they’re out pitching investors. Still, it pays to be persistent. Because, like their male counterparts, women can still gain contacts and feedback that will be helpful in the future, even when they don’t get the answer they want. While the blogosphere is filled with posts about how women can’t secure funding, the truth is women simply aren’t pitching enough, says Natalia Oberti Noguera, founder and CEO of the Pipeline… continue…

Tech Leads Oregon Recovery

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The tech industry is leading Oregon out of the recession by adding jobs faster than the overall economy, and paying more than twice the state average, according to a new report from the state’s Employment Department. Tech salaries in the state average $94,000 a year and grew by 3.9 percent between 2011 and 2012. That compares with Oregon’s overall average salary of $44,300, which rose only 2.8 percent during the same period. Meanwhile, tech employment hit 60,100 in July, the… continue…

Funding Hints at New Jobs in These 3 Areas

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Generally speaking, venture capital investing is a good leading indicator of tech’s growth patterns. While seed money often gets attention, acquisition news can offer even better hints of coming trends – as well as the resulting bump in jobs. Case in point: Gaming. As the industry has hit rough water, investments in the sector have slowed. “Last year, the U.S. couldn’t mint game developers fast enough to keep up with the tech recruiting demand for online, mobile, social and console… continue…