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Can New York Really Be the Next Silicon Valley?

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New York’s tech space has been bubbling for some time, with many local officials, executives and investors betting that the city is poised to become the next Silicon Valley. But even as local technology businesses boom and startups connect themselves to the region’s traditional advertising, media and financial industries, that goal remains elusive, notes the New York Times. For one thing, none of the companies deemed to be breakout stars – like Foursquare, and even Tumblr — have lived… continue…

Investors Wary of Startups As Tech Stocks Drop

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The recent downturn in tech stocks has venture capitalists and IPO investors turning cautious. That’s not good news for startups. “We’re obviously in the throes of what feels like a correction for the small-cap and growth-equity companies,” David Golden, managing partner at San Francisco-based Revolution Ventures, told The Wall Street Journal. Jim Breyer, a partner at venture capital firm Accel Partners, said more time in board meetings is being spent on financial strategies. For details on how this impacts you,… continue…

Watch as a Silicon Valley Startup Pitches a VC

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If your dream is to start a company and make a fortune by taking it public, you’ve got to be thinking about how to pitch investors. After all, without money a fantastic idea, great market potential and talented team won’t amount to very much. The challenge is to grab the attention of high-powered VCs. They’re inundated with proposals that come at them through everything from email to phone calls to in-person pitches at live events. To break through the clutter,… continue…

Follow Investors’ Dollars to Job Opportunities

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“Follow the money” is a phrase many still associate with corruption scandals. But the same principle works for tech investments. If you want to know what’s really happening — and why — the money trail will lead you to answers. The recent Consumer Electronics Show, for example, spotlighted big trends that are getting big funding and will create potentially big hiring. Analyst Tim Bajarin, who has attended the last 30 of these shows, says the key trends in 2014 are… continue…

Why Starting a Company is Like Falling off a Cliff

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Does the call of entrepreneurship make your current job seem boring? Are you looking for adventure? Do you seek IPO riches? Are you looking for an escape? Don’t be too quick to make the leap, warns Robert P. Strauss, professor of economics and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University. He says today’s economy isn’t friendly to typical small businesses and the employment situation is worse. “Starting a business is a young person’s game,” Strauss believes. Mid-career workers who quit their… continue…

How Women Can Change the Tech Investment Landscape

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It’s inevitable that sometimes women tech entrepreneurs will face gender bias when they’re out pitching investors. Still, it pays to be persistent. Because, like their male counterparts, women can still gain contacts and feedback that will be helpful in the future, even when they don’t get the answer they want. While the blogosphere is filled with posts about how women can’t secure funding, the truth is women simply aren’t pitching enough, says Natalia Oberti Noguera, founder and CEO of the Pipeline… continue…

Startup Hiring Expected to Grow, Funding Crunch Overblown

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Despite expectations that a tsunami-like wave of angel funded startups would be stranded last year due to a Series A funding crunch, that massive crunch never materialized, says Adley Bowden, senior director of analysis for PitchBook.  “There was a sky is falling attitude, but it did not happen,” Bowden says. startupAnd in 2014, there is talk that this funding crunch will migrate to companies who are seeking their Series B funding. But Bowden is discounting those fears too. “VCs have… continue…

For Funding, VCs May Not Be Your Best Choice

According to one of their own, the problem with venture capitalists is their “never-ending search for the next-big thing.” In baseball terms, instead of going for singles and doubles, many VCs seek nothing but home runs. Sadly, what VCs identify as the next big thing rarely is. They often reflect either investments they have already made and want to pump up, or areas they don’t normally invest in but want to see overfunded to diminish a competing firms’ assets. Machiavellian… continue…

VC Funding Barrier Eases for Women

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Although women stand a greater chance of getting venture funding than they did a decade ago, they’re by no means on equal footing with men when it comes to financing their startups, according to researchers and venture capitalists. The percentage of U.S. venture backing for startups with at least one woman founder reached 13 percent in 2013, dramatically higher than 2004’s 4 percent. Those numbers come from the private equity and venture capital researcher PitchBook. While the number of women… continue…

Angels Should Mentor, Not Just Provide Cash

Tech entrepreneurs need mentors. No one questions that. But few consider the idea that angel investors – in addition to providing money – can offer coaching and advice. According to Brian S. Cohen, chairman of New York Angels and co-author of What Every Angel Investor Wants You to Know: An Insider Reveals How to Get Smart Funding for Your Billion Dollar Idea,” entrepreneurs should seek out angels who can provide tech and business expertise. Having been both an entrepreneur and… continue…