Computer Sector Ranks No. 5 in Job Cuts

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Although the computer industry generated the fifth largest number of job cuts last year, it’s poised to post strong gains in certain slivers of the sector in the new year, according to a Challenger, Gray & Christmas report released Friday. The computer sector lost 35,136 jobs last year, according to the report, as Hewlett-Packard cut tens of thousands of employees from its payroll and companies like Cisco and Intel also announced large cuts. In the month of December alone, the… continue…

‘CaaS’ Moves Cognition Toward the Mainstream

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Orbeus Facial Recognition
If you’re among the crush of people at CES in Las Vegas, keep an eye out in case Yi Li has a camera pointed at you. Her startup Orbeus, an API platform company for recognition software, is launching new features for its ReKognition API product that produces not only facial recognition, but scenes. Eventually, it will recognize landmarks and logos. Li’s Mountain View, Calif., company offers recognition APIs and SDKs to third party developers. It’s one of the increasing number… continue…

Will ‘Smart Machines’ Decimate Tech Jobs?

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Market pressures to embrace digitization will transform an array of industries – and IT staffs as well, according to a recent Gartner forecast. A digital workforce, comprised of robots and automated machines, has the potential to “significantly devalue and/or displace millions of humans in the workforce,” says Kenneth Brant, Research Director at the firm. He noted that a multifaceted marketplace for engineering a “digital workforce” already exists. This marketplace includes intelligent agents, virtual reality assistants, expert systems and embedded software… continue…

Zappos to Ditch Job Titles, Bosses for Self-Managed Teams

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Teamwork Self-Managed
Online shoe merchant Zappos is going flat in an attempt to avoid bureaucracy. Or at least flat-ter. It’s joining companies such as weatherproof fabric maker Gore-Tex and games vendor Valve in nixing traditional corporate hierarchy in favor of self-managed teams. By the end of 2014, when Zappos’ transition is complete, the company is slated to be organized into more than 400 self-governing “circles” as it adopts holacracy, a radical “self-governing” style of operating, in which there are no job titles… continue…

Startup Hiring Expected to Grow, Funding Crunch Overblown

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We Want You
Despite expectations that a tsunami-like wave of angel funded startups would be stranded last year due to a Series A funding crunch, that massive crunch never materialized, says Adley Bowden, senior director of analysis for PitchBook.  “There was a sky is falling attitude, but it did not happen,” Bowden says. startupAnd in 2014, there is talk that this funding crunch will migrate to companies who are seeking their Series B funding. But Bowden is discounting those fears too. “VCs have… continue…

The Top 5 Tech Jobs in 2013

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2013 Calendar
As 2013 comes to a close, IT professionals in software development, cloud, mobile, Internet of Things and Big Data not only found their occupations in high demand but also face projections of continued interest from hiring managers and recruiters going in to the new year and all the way to 2018, say industry recruiters and analysts. Software developers, which includes such roles as Web developers, software quality assurance engineers, and computer systems analysts, took the No. 1 spot on a… continue…

4 Weird Ways to Get Attention for Your Company

Bunny Car
How can your startup get attention when people are so inundated with pitches that it’s nigh impossible to penetrate? Considering what SEO consultants can cost, investing in guerrilla marketing shenanigans may be a great way for you to get some significant attention. Here are a few ideas that worked: Prank the Competition WePay made quite a statement in 2010 when it dropped a 600-pound block of ice in front of a conference by competitor PayPal at San Francisco’s Moscone Center.… continue…

Which Tech Jobs Will Win, Which Will Lose in 2014

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Salary Winner
If your job prospects improved in 2013, then you’ll probably like 2014. But there’s a caveat: You’ll continue to lose ground if you’re in a non-strategic IT role, according to David Foote, CEO of research firm Foote Partners LLC. “Overall demand will be about the same in 2014,” Foote says. “But sporadic skill shortages and an onslaught of new certifications will buoy the prospects and pay of professionals in key strategic roles. Professionals in operational roles are on the wrong… continue…

Conflicting Reports on IT Job Market’s Health

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Two tech groups are reporting a slowing job market for technology professionals, but a third survey – from Robert Half Technology — reports the opposite. According to TechServe Alliance, an association of IT and engineering staffing and solutions firms, technology hiring grew by 3,200 jobs in November, 3,100 jobs in October and 6,100 jobs in September – a pace well off the gains posted earlier this year. “We are noticing a clear deceleration in the rate of growth,” said Mark… continue…

5 Reasons Engineering Teams Need More Women

While some companies have made inroads when it comes to increasing the number of women on their engineering teams, a large number of them – especially those with teams of over 100 people — haven’t. At some businesses, there’s still a feeling that it doesn’t really matter whether or not a team is diverse. Here’s some reasons those firms may want to reconsider. Women bring diversity, and diversity helps generate new ideas for solving problems. Especially with products geared toward… continue…