Technical Consulting and Management Jobs Jump in January

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Growth Trend
Management and technical consulting jobs jumped nearly 5 percent in January to 1.2 million positions, as corporate America continues to embrace the notion of having outsiders handle their IT work despite an improving economy. A recent report, for example, found tech and other knowledge workers are among the most highly sought after contractors or consultants, compared with other industries, as companies find they like the flexibility in scaling back and increasing their workforce without the need to pay expensive benefits.… continue…

Is ‘Big Tech’ On the Way Out?

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Out the Door
Are big tech companies on the decline? In a post on Re/code, venture capitalist Matt McIlwain argues that they are. Though I don’t think the evidence he cites is either new or compelling, tech workers should still be aware. “IBM just reported its seventh straight quarter of declining sales, and I believe that the value of big cap technology companies as a group will substantially decline in the coming years,” McIlwain wrote. He says the changes in enterprise technology markets… continue…

Tech Pros’ Salaries, Confidence Rise: Dice Report

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Salary Satisfaction Slippi
More technology professionals in the U.S. enjoyed merit raises over the last year, driving average salaries up in 2013. Average U.S. tech salaries increased nearly three percent to $87,811 in 2013, up from $85,619 the previous year, according to the 2014-2013 Salary Survey from Dice, the leading career site for technology and engineering professionals. (Tweet This) Technology professionals understand they can easily find ways to grow their career in 2014, with two-thirds of respondents (65%) confident in finding a new,… continue…

A Preview of Outsourcing Trends in 2014

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The coming year should find businesses looking for more ways to retain control over their IT services and processes, as well as cut costs, according to Computerworld’s “10 IT Outsourcing Trends to Watch in 2014.” General Motors cited that need when it brought innovation back in a massive three-year plan to move almost all of its IT services in-house. IT services experts cite three ways in which that trend is expected to continue: an increase in insourcing, a hybrid model combining… continue…

Tech Trends for the Year Ahead

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Dice News Hangouts
Dice News Managing Editor Mark Feffer and Associate Editor Dawn Kawamoto look at this year’s most promising tech trends, and how they’ll lead to jobs.

Social Media Fails as a Job Performance Indicator

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Facebook Thumbs Down
Although employers and recruiters are increasingly relying on job seekers’ social media profiles to help them make hiring decisions, a recent study by Florida State University found no correlation between job performance and the pics and posts on a candidate’s profile, says Business Insider. In the study, 86 recruiters reviewed the Facebook profile, photos and wall of 416 college students who were on the hunt for a full-time job. Each recruiter then rated the ability of five students to find… continue…

Computer Sector Ranks No. 5 in Job Cuts

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Although the computer industry generated the fifth largest number of job cuts last year, it’s poised to post strong gains in certain slivers of the sector in the new year, according to a Challenger, Gray & Christmas report released Friday. The computer sector lost 35,136 jobs last year, according to the report, as Hewlett-Packard cut tens of thousands of employees from its payroll and companies like Cisco and Intel also announced large cuts. In the month of December alone, the… continue…

‘CaaS’ Moves Cognition Toward the Mainstream

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Orbeus Facial Recognition
If you’re among the crush of people at CES in Las Vegas, keep an eye out in case Yi Li has a camera pointed at you. Her startup Orbeus, an API platform company for recognition software, is launching new features for its ReKognition API product that produces not only facial recognition, but scenes. Eventually, it will recognize landmarks and logos. Li’s Mountain View, Calif., company offers recognition APIs and SDKs to third party developers. It’s one of the increasing number… continue…

Will ‘Smart Machines’ Decimate Tech Jobs?

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Market pressures to embrace digitization will transform an array of industries – and IT staffs as well, according to a recent Gartner forecast. A digital workforce, comprised of robots and automated machines, has the potential to “significantly devalue and/or displace millions of humans in the workforce,” says Kenneth Brant, Research Director at the firm. He noted that a multifaceted marketplace for engineering a “digital workforce” already exists. This marketplace includes intelligent agents, virtual reality assistants, expert systems and embedded software… continue…

Zappos to Ditch Job Titles, Bosses for Self-Managed Teams

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Teamwork Self-Managed
Online shoe merchant Zappos is going flat in an attempt to avoid bureaucracy. Or at least flat-ter. It’s joining companies such as weatherproof fabric maker Gore-Tex and games vendor Valve in nixing traditional corporate hierarchy in favor of self-managed teams. By the end of 2014, when Zappos’ transition is complete, the company is slated to be organized into more than 400 self-governing “circles” as it adopts holacracy, a radical “self-governing” style of operating, in which there are no job titles… continue…