Tech Executives Plan More Hiring in Next 12 Months

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U.S. technology companies plan to add headcount over the next 12 months though they remain concerned about the continuing lack of available tech talent, according to the second annual National Survey of Technology, Policy and Strategic Issues by the Technology Councils of North America and the Arizona Technology Council. The report indicates that about two-thirds of the 1,700-plus C-level executives surveyed will hire new staff over the next 12 months. Small companies (74 percent) and medium firms (72 percent) were… continue…

In Silicon Valley, Big News From Big Names

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What’s New There may have been bigger news in the Valley last quarter than the introduction of Yahoo’s new logo, but you’d never know it based on the endless sturm und drang that the freshly polished symbol generated among bloggers and tweeters. Perhaps more important was yet another Yahoo acquisition, this time of social discovery site Rockmelt for about $70 million. Social media has had a lively few months in the Valley, and not just because Twitter has finally announced… continue…

Congressional Shenanigans Dent Tech Spending

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Forrester Research is revising its projections for 2013 U.S. tech spending to be lower than it earlier predicted. Now, the researcher believes spending will increase by just 3.9 percent rather than 5.7 percent. The federal budget sequester, the government shutdown and the threat of default negatively impacted the economy and had indirect impacts on CIOs. Federal IT spending declined from a peak of $80 billion in 2010 to $70 billion during the fiscal year that began Oct. 1, according to… continue…

Raleigh Rolls Out a Red Carpet for Startups

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What’s New This Quarter Raleigh has enjoyed the second highest rate of migration of any metro area over the past five years, and the local tech industry has certainly played a role. Recently, Forbes ranked it third in its annual list of best places for business and careers (Des Moines was No. 1). The Research Triangle tech community is encouraging more startup activity. After first opening in Durham, American Underground, a network of startup hubs, will open another location this… continue…

September Jobs Report a Mixed Bag for Tech

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While it might seem that the hottest IT job prospects might be in fixing the glitchy website – and everybody has advice on doing that —  government honchos swear that work will all be done in another month. So that job could be short-lived – or not. Still there’s the nagging sense that the IT job market has lost some steam. The September numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, issued late because of the government shutdown, reveal a… continue…

Six Tech Fields Students Should Watch

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Students who concentrate on courses related to math, science, engineering and technology will have the widest array of job options upon graduation, says a top observer of corporate hiring. John Challenger, chief executive officer of outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, believes it’s OK for students to begin college looking for an interesting career, but their search should to be rooted in the reality of what jobs will be available when they graduate. “Many freshmen have no idea what career… continue…

Seattle Executives Optimistic About Tech Scene

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What’s New This Quarter Now that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has announced his upcoming resignation and penned a series of memos about the future of “One Microsoft,” pundits are speculating about what a 2014 Microsoft may look like, and not just because Nokia’s phone business is being brought into the fold. How many jobs could hang in the balance? Thousands could be at stake. (The company currently employs just under 100,000 people worldwide.) If you want to pursue a job… continue…

Older Companies Offering More Startup-Style Perks

Tech companies are known for doling out generous work-life benefits that aren’t often seen in most of Corporate America. But then, most of Corporate America isn’t feeling the same pressure to find and retain employees. In the tech world, the demand for IT professionals has pushed even mature companies to emulate startups, says Randi Weitzman, regional vice president for Robert Half Technology in Sacramento, Calif. “Some companies had to sit through the recession and figure out ways to keep their… continue…

What the ‘Digital Industrial Economy’ Means for Jobs

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In the new “Digital Industrial Economy,” described this week by Gartner, “every budget (is) an IT budget, every company (is) a technology company, every business is becoming a digital leader and every person is becoming a technology company.” On first glance, this might seem to create vast opportunities for those with IT skills in the years to come. Already, we’re seeing more technology professionals being moved into hybrid roles, where they combine their expertise with, say, marketing functions. However, the… continue…

EdTech Industry Takes Hit, Party Over?

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Educational technology company Blackboard issued another round of layoffs this month, according to a Washington Business Journal report. It marked the third consecutive year of layoffs for the privately held company and could serve as a tip of the iceberg of what’s to come for the edtech industry, which posted a year-over-year decline in venture funding for the first half of this year. This raises the question whether edtech, which some have characterized as an Internet bubble, is poised to… continue…