Top 10 Tips for Retaining Women in Technology

Can’t find enough qualified IT talent to fill your job openings? Before issuing that often repeated complaint, try asking yourself what you’ve done to retain the talent you have, especially your women engineers. Chances are these women technologists will quit at a higher rate than the men with comparable skills. A report released Tuesday by the Anita Borg Institute called “Women Technologists Count,” cites a study that found that 56 percent of women technologists at the mid-level point in their… continue…

Big Data Training vs. Education

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“Big Data is Big Business with many new opportunities for technical people.“ I’m sure many of you have heard something like this. Last year, the Harvard Business Review went so far as to call data science “the sexiest job of the 21st century.” (I actually have this article framed on my office wall as I don’t think anyone will ever again call my job “sexy.”)  My point is: Time and again, we’ve been told that there’s a dramatic lack of… continue…

Candidates Want Training Included in Job Offers

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While it may be obvious that offering technology training programs aids in recruiting engineers, developers and other IT professionals, the degree of its importance may be greater than you think. According to Robert Half Technology, 68 percent of IT workers rank training programs “very important” when they’re evaluating a job opportunity. Meanwhile, 64 percent say they are “very concerned” about keeping their skills current during the next three to five years. “IT workers know that the industry moves quickly and… continue…

The Beginning of the End of Security Theater

TSA Checkpoint
You often hear airport TSA checkpoints described as “security theater” because despite their imposing presence and processes, passengers still sneak contraband onto commercial flights. In IT, we see similar performances – and results. For us, security theater has manifested itself as the deployment of layers of technology like antivirus, Web filters, password policies, encryption, multi-factor authentication and on and on. When a breach and data loss does occur, IT does not hold itself liable because of all the measures that… continue…

4 Ways to Learn New Technical Skills

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Cat Miller
It’s a Catch 22. You need to have experience in the latest technologies to land your dream job. But you don’t have the latest skills. What to do? Cat’s got four strategies to follow.  

An Inside Look at How Apple Trains Its Geniuses

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Who needs certifications for tech support and sales if you can land a gig as an Apple Genius? Gizmodo got its hands on an Apple Genius Training manual and it’s a hoot. The book and a 14-day training course teach Geniuses-to-be about becoming a politician, psychologist, technician and sales rep all balled up into one. What to Say, or Not For starters, the manual lists specific words to avoid in order to prompt customers to say, “yes.” A peek: Do… continue…

A Hung Jury on Certifications

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When it comes to enhancing skills, the most often-asked question is about certifications: Are they worth the time and money? Do they really help you get that new job, or do hiring managers just shrug them off? Once upon a time, the right certification was a ticket to job security, but more recently the tech industry has reshaped its attitude. While some employers still require them, a growing number are giving more weight to experience. Some certifications are still in… continue…

New Certification: HP Focuses On Embedded IT

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Hewlett-Packard has created a certification, focused on skills needed to implement cross-department IT initiatives, as a way to achieve business goals. It’s another indication that technology departments — and technology staffers — are being incorporated into business units as opposed to being operations unto themselves. The Accredited Technical Associate-IT for Business certification (ATA-IT) will provide coursework and practical experience on business-driven technology initiatives. Last fall’s Business Intelligence Congress called for more real-world experiences in college curricula to prepare students for… continue…

Implementing an Engineering Training Plan

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And now, the thrilling conclusion to our tale. After completing a hiring wish list, meeting a prime candidate and considering what goes into a training plan, the startup WidgetCo and its new hire JavaGuy were ready for their first day. The first draft of WidgetCo’s training plan looked like this: Give him an assignment, and be around to answer questions. That is a recipe for failure. The basic idea is sound: Let the candidate learn by doing, and answer any… continue…

Rackspace’s Academy: Training and a Job, Too?

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Cynics will say that Rackspace’s creation of Open Cloud Academy is self-serving, but that doesn’t mean it won’t help tech professionals who want to expand their skills. Rackspace, after all, is a player in the open cloud world, and offering courses based on its internal training programs looks like a logical way to share hints of the company’s thinking about its services specifically, and cloud practices in general. The six- and eight-week courses will be held at Rackspace’s headquarters in… continue…