HP Rolls Out Open webOS 1.0

webOS 1.0
Hewlett-Packard’s released Open webOS 1.0, just as it promised last year. It’s great that a company like HP would release an open source OS, but the question remains, how long they will continue to develop it? Will they have partners? Right now WebOS lies in the cloud because almost no one uses it. That aside, you can now download and port WebOS to any device you want. For example, HP ported the open source version to an HP TouchSmart PC.… continue…

The Opus Codec: New, Free and Open Source

Opus Codec Logo
There’s a new codec in town and it sounds good. Developed by a collaboration of the Internet Engineering Task Force, Mozilla, Microsoft (through Skype), Xiph.Org, Octasic, Broadcom and Google, it’s called Opus, it’s free and it carries no licensing costs. We’ve seen the problems that stem from having competing proprietary codecs — the bits of software that play music, sound effects or speech from binary. Codec is simply shorthand for coder/decoder (like “modem” stands for modulator/demodulator). A codec simply converts… continue…

Bluefish is a Great Tool for Writing Clean HTML

If you write articles, create Web pages or write Kindle ebooks, chances are that you’ll need a fast, no-frills HTML editor. I’ve been doing all these jobs for a number of years and I think the Bluefish editor is the best, most productive product out there. Unlike LibreOffice, MS Word and even Kompozer, Bluefish doesn’t add any extra HTML tags to your text. One of my pet peeves with regular word processors and HTML editors is that they want to… continue…