C++, J2EE, Java Skills Needed in Houston

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Downtown Houston
The availability of candidates with the skills for the growing number of open technology jobs in Houston is becoming a worry for local employers, according to the Houston Business Journal. Citing a study from consulting firm CEB, the newspaper says the gap between open jobs and the tech professionals who can fill them has been widening. The greatest demand is for people skilled in C++, J2EE, Java, .NET and cloud computing. Click here to find a tech job in Houston.… continue…

Austin’s Top Tech Candidates Get Hired Quickly

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Austin Skyline
What’s New This Quarter Nine months after taking Dell private, CEO Michael Dell is feeling buoyant that he no longer has to kowtow to Wall Street on a quarterly basis. His company is still the largest private employer in Central Texas, with about 14,000 workers in the Austin area, and it’s hoping to gain ground in the emerging connected-world category of the “Internet of Things.” When it comes to having higher-than-average numbers of women in the tech workforce, Austin ranks… continue…

This is How Blinds.com Hires in IT

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Landing@ Blinds.com
Blinds.com, the largest online window covering store in the world, is based on Houston and home to 250 employees, 30 of them working exclusively in IT. CIO Larry Hack says that in addition to its dedicated tech team, the company prides itself “on being fairly tech-savvy in all departments.” Growing rapidly, Blinds.com now has several open positions including UX designer, senior developer, network engineer and mobile developer. “As we’re an Agile shop, we also look for future teammates that are… continue…

Dallas Sees Jump in Developer Talent Pool

Dallas Skyline
The number of software developers living around Dallas has grown dramatically over the last several years, encouraging technology companies to locate in the area and increasing the pace of local hiring. In 2013, the number of computer and software programming jobs in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area had more than doubled to 23,193 when compared to 10,387 in 2003, according to an analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data published in the Dallas Morning News. Click here to see Dallas-area… continue…

Headspring Systems Seeks 100 App Developers

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Headspring Systems Logo
Austin, Texas-based enterprise software development firm Headspring Systems plans to hire 100 app developers by the end of the year, with most of the hires based in Dallas, where it’s opening a new office. The company nearly tripled its headcount last year and expanded to Houston. It plans a Chicago office in 2015. The company focuses on custom application development, business intelligence and systems integration. In February, it launched a mobile division. Opening in May, the Dallas office will hire… continue…

Google Fiber Expands to Austin, Texas

If all goes according to plan, Google will begin connecting homes in Austin to Google Fiber in mid-2014. continue…

The 10 States With Fastest IT Job Growth

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Five of the ten states with the fastest growing job growth in computer systems design and related services are on the East Coast, according to figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics cited in a Dice Report released Thursday. Here’s a look at the Top 10 states, based on year-to-date figures: Growth Drivers In Maryland — the top-ranking state — biotech, healthcare services and local hospitals are driving the growth. And while the federal government also plays a role,… continue…

Ritchey Mulhollem, Programmer [Featured Geek]

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Dice Featured Geek
Ritchey Mulhollem doesn’t simply work with technology. He surrounds himself with it. He immerses himself in it. He rolls in it. His front gate is automated with two relays and is connected to an off the shelf network power switch. For his hot tub, he developed a crude controller board using salvaged power relays off eBay, screwed them onto a 2×8, and plugged it directly into the network power switch. Dangerous setup, but it proved the concept. Now he’s built… continue…

FMC, VMC Seek Engineers, Support Specialists in Texas [DiceTV]

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Cat Miller
Between them, the two companies are trying to fill some 900 positions in Houston and San Antonio.

Austin’s Game Industry Keeps Growing

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video game
Gaming and digital media grew faster than any other creative industry in Austin, with jobs in the sector more than doubling to 7,274 over five years ending in 2010. More importantly, the average salary in the region reached $87,000 in 2009, according to the Entertainment Software Association. For job seekers, that means Austin provides the best of both worlds – high salary and low cost of living. Electronic Arts is driving this job growth. Last year EA moved its EA Sports game… continue…