T-Mobile USA CEO Resigns

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T-Mobile USA’s head honcho Philpp Humm is resigning to take a job in Europe and rejoin his family in the region. And while Humm’s departure may be a little unsettling for some employees, what’s likely more unnerving is the company’s plans to explore other options. One of those options, says the Wall Street Journal, is the sale of its wireless tower portfolio. With potential parts of the business up for sale, it’s not only disconcerting for existing employees but may… continue…

T-Mobile Eliminates 900 More Jobs in Restructuring

T-Mobile USA is expected to slice off another 900 jobs, expanding the scope of its previously announced restructuring. In March, T-Mobile said it would pare its 24 call centers to 17. That left roughly 1,000 people with pink slips, after some workers moved to different centers and other jobs were created. On Tuesday, CEO Philipp Humm sent out a company memo alerting employees that another round of layoffs is imminent. A company representative told GeekWire, “With these changes, some jobs will be… continue…

Lost Cell Phones To Be Protected By Lockdown

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Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T are reportedly working with the FCC to create a nationwide registry for lost and stolen phones. Another registry? Good idea or a privacy issue? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Phones that appear in a stolen phone database maintained by carriers will be cut off from voice or data services on their network. Both Verizon and Sprint have been able to shut down stolen phones for some time since they use… continue…

T-Mobile Urges FCC to Block Verizon Spectrum Deal

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Verizon, which supported the AT&T merger with T-Mobile, a plan that fell apart amid opposition by federal regulators, is not getting much love from T-Mobile now. T-Mobile joined 10 public-interest groups Wednesday in urging the Federal Communications Commission to block Verizon’s $3.9 billion wireless spectrum deal. In December, Verizon announced plans to buy 122 Advanced Wireless Systems (AWS) spectrum licenses from SpectrumCo, a joint effort between  Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. Later, Verizon struck a separate deal with… continue…

AT&T Searches for Its Mobile Plan B

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AT&T and T-Mobile Merge Denied
AT&T has officially dropped its $39 billion bid to buy T-Mobile, but it still could pair up in a joint venture. Meanwhile, T-Mobile could be spun off from parent company Deutsche Telekom, or sold off bit by bit. DT could sell off its array of cell towers, for instance. Independent industry analyst Tero Kuittinen suggested to The New York Times that T-Mobile might be better off seeking partnerships with media giants such as Amazon, Facebook or Google. In announcing Monday… continue…

AT&T’s Merger With T-Mobile Put on Hold

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A federal judge agreed to put the Justice Department’s challenge to the AT&T merger with T-Mobile USA on hold yesterday, but the entire deal remains in doubt. Both sides had requested the delay. The trial was scheduled for Feb. 13, and AT&T still has until Jan. 12 to file a report on whether it plans to continue with the $39 billion acquisition. But T-Mobile lawyer George Cary said at a hearing last week, “If this case doesn’t go ahead, then… continue…

AT&T Scrambles After FCC Balks at T-Mobile Deal

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AT&T livened up Thanksgiving with its continuing fight to acquire T-Mobile USA. The company said Thursday it was withdrawing its petition with the Federal Communications Commission and would focus its legal team on its antitrust battle with the Department of Justice, which has said it won’t approve the merger. Last week FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said he opposed the deal and would send the proposal to an administrative judge. Then there was the whole tussle over whether the FCC would allow… continue…

T-Mobile Customers Won’t Get iPhone 5s This Year

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The launch date of the new iPhones is drawing closer and closer. Sprint is not denying that it’ll soon join AT&T and Verizon as an iPhone carrier in the U.S., but it’s certain that T-Mobile won’t be jumping in, at least not in 2011, according to a leaked report from T-Mobile’s OneVoice intranet. The report quotes T-Mobile’s chief marketing officer, Cole Brodman, as saying: “We are not getting the iPhone 5 this year.” Depending how you interpret that, Brodman may be… continue…

AT&T Promises Jobs, But T-Mobile Deal Is Under Siege

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UPDATE AT&T Plans to “Insource” 5,000 Jobs: Even as the federal government moved to block AT&T’s $39 billion deal to buy T-Mobile on anti-competitive grounds, the company announced it will bring back 5,000 call-center jobs that were previously outsourced abroad. AT&T said it also plans to maintain its and T-Mobile’s more than 25,000 call-center jobs in the U.S. The move may help address lawmakers’ fears of merger-related job cuts. AT&T hopes the deal will lead to $3 billion a year in… continue…

U.S. Sues To Block AT&T Acquisition Of T-Mobile

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AT&T and T-Mobile Merge Denied
Last month there were reports saying that AT&T wanted to merge with T-Mobile for an estimate $39 billion. At the time, three House Democrats called the merger “a troubling backward step in federal public policy.” Today, the Justice Department filed a lawsuit in an attempt to block the acquisition, saying that the deal, if it went through, would “substantially lessen competition” in the wireless market. The department also contends the merger would violate antitrust law. AT&T’s elimination of T-Mobile as… continue…