IGN Turns to Coding Challenge for New Hires

IGN was having a very difficult time trying to find developers the traditional resume way. It turns out job experience isn’t the best way to find developers, since the average coder begins programming at around age 13, said Roy Bahat, President of IGN. After cranking through the same resume churn, Bahat realized his company was talking to the same college grads everyone else was talking to. He began to wonder why he should care about their higher education. If candidates… continue…

Job Seekers Want Challenges, Recruiters Need Problem Solvers

On the floor of the Tech Career Expo at SXSW I made an attempt to match up one recruiter and one job seeker. Each expressed what they were looking for and I tried my best to see if I could get them to connect. What was promising from both the recruiter and the job seeker was their desire to not just check boxes on a resume. Neither was looking for a specific type of job that required specific skills. The… continue…

Maker Movement, Hybrid Apps Catch Venturebeat’s Eye

At SXSW, I caught up with Jolie O’Dell, reporter for Venturebeat, and asked her about some of the innovative ideas and trends she saw at the show. Her two favorites are: Maker Movement: Movement from 1s and 0s to hardware. The GE garage allowed attendees to actually get into hardware, do prototyping, and 3D printing. Hybrid apps: There’s a wide spectrum of apps, but most are just for the mobile web. And in that space there’s still a pull and… continue…

Recruiters and Job Seekers Change their Strategies

There’s no doubt that the war to get great talent and to be hired as great talent is extremely difficult. Every company I talk to tells me about dozens, if not hundreds of positions they have open. And then you talk to people looking for jobs and they’re concerned they don’t have the qualifications. In an effort to see how recruiters and seekers are going about their job search differently, I asked attendees of the Tech Career Expo at SXSW,… continue…

Hacker Zac Bowling Shares His Hackathon Secrets

For Zac Bowling, developer at Seatme, Hackathons are his sport. At the App Hackathon, I caught up with Bowling at the beginning and end of his 80th hackathon. We talked about what application he planned on creating, whether he was going to rope in any teammates, and if he could offer up some tips on what it takes to win a hackathon. Winning a hackathon is all dependent on the type of hackathon, explained Bowling, who says he’s placed in… continue…

SXSW Survival Tips from Those Who Lived Through It

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SXSW is not an easy thing to survive. So much of it happens outside of the conference center and into the wee hours of the morning. How do you handle an event that pretty much goes on 20 hours each day? People who attended the Mashable House party at Buffalo Billiards lived to tell the tale–and here’s what they say.

SXSW: Getting Your Boss to Send You

The Emerald City
SXSW Interactive can be as much a professional development event as a Party for Geeks. Of course, if you ask your boss to send you, he’s going to focus on the “party” part. But there are good arguments to make about why the trip to Austin can be a good thing for the company.  Here’s how you can present them to your boss. Here’s how to lead the conversation.

Mashable’s Pete Cashmore on Gadgets and the State of Tech

Pete Cashmore Mashable
Pete Cashmore, the founder of Mashable, is one of those guys who seems to know everything that’s going on in tech. New trend in social? Yup. Most exciting new smartphone? Yes. Hopes for hoverboards tempered with a sense of engineering reality? Yes, but he starts that one with a sigh. I had a chance to sit down with Pete yesterday at SXSW Interactive to talk about such things. Take a look.

RFPs Will Always Be Painful. Sorry.

Track Hurdles
Responding to RFPs is a 12-step process, and the first step is to admit you have no control. Whether the panel intended it or not, that’s what I came away with after listening to the conversation “OMG: Your RFP Is Killing Me” at South by Southwest. On the surface, answering RFPs doesn’t have a lot to do with tech. Unless, of course, you’re a contractor, or you work for a vendor, or you’re the client who’s looking to get a… continue…

SXSW: Scenes from a Rainy Saturday

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Mobli Girls
Mere rain doesn’t really slow the pace of South by Southwest, though it compresses it a bit. On Saturday, the rain let up for a while, then resumed, then let up again. When they could people got out onto the street in search of friends and beer. When they couldn’t find friends, they hunkered down somewhere and did the next best thing… texted. Wandering around downtown, here’s some of what I saw.