How Not to React to a Code Review [DiceTV]

Cat MIller
Sometimes, being graceful is as important as having the courage of your convictions. Here are my examples of things NOT to do.  

Why Europe’s Girls-In-Science Campaign Fails So Miserably

Woman Scientist
After a backlash of actual ladies of science, the European Commission took down a promotional video designed to encourage girls to study science. The promotion was intended to make science fashionable from a girl’s perspective, but its stereotypical depiction of women dancing on a catwalk, applying lipstick and giggling created an uproar on the Internet. Biologist Joanne Manaster responded to the flopped video on Scientific American, saying, “How I carry and present myself is important as a teacher and communicator,… continue…

Microsoft, Salesforce Share Secrets to Landing Their Jobs

Hiring managers from, Microsoft, and mobile ad network company InMobi are hiring and hiring aggressively. But when it comes to working at these kind of name companies, well, the competition is fierce. So, how do you win them over? During Google I/O last week, I talked to hiring managers and recruiters to find out. Microsoft and Bing The Redmond giant’s Silicon Valley Bing operation has approximately 15 job openings in development, testing and program management, says Alok Agarwal, a… continue…

Some Very Cool Videos on Making Software ‘Concrete’

Software is a very abstract thing. And it’s subtle. Code gets compiled into something, and then run by something else. Literally thousands of things happen each second, and there are a whole lot of other things — software and hardware — at work that might affect the code you wrote. Oh, and to top it off, add in quantities of data pouring through. It’s no wonder we’ve evolved algorithms, patterns and other coping mechanisms! And then we have to explain… continue…

Be a Featured Geek on Dice [DiceTV]

Cat Miller
  We’re looking for geeks to feature. Each week, we’ll showcase someone who works in tech — could be a developer, could be a media designer, could be in QA, could be a project manager. Someone who loves tech so much they want to roll in it — on and off the job. Interested? Then see what Cat has to say.  

Eight of Our Favorite Stories About Recruiters

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Recruiters: Some people love them, some people hate them, most people are probably ambivalent about them, but one thing’s for sure: They’re a fact of life. So, over the years we’ve posted a number of articles and videos about recruiters, how they think, and how you can approach them. Here they are, and if you have any additional thoughts about recruiters, be sure to post them in the comments below. How To Be a Candidate Recruiters Will Notice The Top Secrets… continue…

Mozilla Thimble for Web Page Building Noobs

Tired of teaching your relatives about technology and groaning at the prospect of having to do a quick tutorial on building a Web page for nephew Johnny?  You’ll be better off pointing them to the recently launched Mozilla Thimble, which lets anyone learn how to create web pages in their browser. Thimble is a WYSIWYG (What you See Is What You Get) editor. It lets you edit the html and CSS text in the lefthand edit pane while immediately showing you… continue…

Microsoft’s Interns Say Redmond is Cool Again

Microsoft’s 1,500 interns can’t all be wrong. The rap on Redmond is that it’s a lumbering, aging, bureaucratic dinosaur being nibbled up by newer and nimbler tech companies. Is that fair? No, say the interns. They says Microsoft’s resurgent and ready to compete with all comers — including Facebook and Google. “Microsoft feels cool again,” 22-year-old Gbenga Badipe, an electrical engineering student at Rice University, told Reuters. “Microsoft products touch almost every area of technology, and everything they do is… continue…

An Intro to Google’s New Programming Language – Blockly

Unlike Dart — a possible replacement for JavaScript — and Go — a low-level but modern language that’s very suitable for creating servers — Google Blockly is a Web-based graphical programming language that intentionally resembles a jigsaw. You create programs by joining pieces together, and are restricted in the same way puzzle pieces are, by what fits where. This is an ingenious and easy to understand method of ensuring that the program is correct. It short cuts the process of… continue…

Calif. Database Admins, Computer and Info Scientists Take Salary Hit

EDD story
Technology salaries in California largely rose during the first quarter over last year. But what’s surprising about the figures are the slices of tech hat succumbed to a decline. Here’s a quick snapshot of the numbers, which come from the state’s  Employment Development Department. Shrinking Salaries Surprisingly, database administrators posted a salary decline. That seems rather odd, given all the gushing that’s gone on over the crucial role of data in businesses. But IT recruiter David Knapp, Robert Half Technology’s… continue…