Working With IT Networks: The Basics

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Cat Miller
The level of expertise IT network professionals need depends on the type of network they work with and its complexity level. When you connect multiple computers to a network, you’ve formed a LAN, but once the LAN is connected to a WAN, a network specialist will need a different skill set since WANs involve different routers and higher bandwidth performance levels. Want the details? I’ve got ‘em.

Beating the Odds: Helping Girls Become Engineers

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Girl Computer - Feature
As classes begin at colleges and universities throughout the country, the odds of finding a female engineering student is slim. Come next summer, the odds of finding a graduating female engineering student is even slimmer. Consider these statistics, says Catherine Didion, director of the National Research Council’s Committee on Women in Science, Engineering and Medicine: More than 50 percent of all students going into four-year colleges are women. But only 3 percent of all first-year students are women majoring in… continue…

IT Hiring Manager Critiques Grad’s Programmer Resume

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Earlier this week, Roberta Fricker, who recently earned a certificate in computer science from Santa Barbara City College in California, had her resume critiqued by a senior IT recruiter. Today, she hears from Erik Wieland, director of IT services for the University of California at San Francisco’s Department of Medicine. Roberta is undergoing her second round of resume critiques, as part of our ongoing series of Resume Makeovers, where we connect job seekers with hiring managers and recruiters to get… continue…

Mastering Mobile Development’s Landscape [DiceTV]

Cat Miller
Interested in jumping into mobile development? Before you do, there’s a host of questions you have to answer: What platforms to learn, which tools to master? Are you better off focusing on finding a job, building an app, learning about the enterprise model – or all three? It’s a lot to know, but I’ve got a road map.

Trying Out Blockly, Google’s New Programming Language [DiceTV]

Cat Miller
Google Blockly is a Web-based graphical programming language that intentionally resembles a jigsaw. You create programs by joining pieces together, and are restricted in the same way puzzle pieces are, by what fits where. It short cuts the process of having to learn correct syntax — If the pieces fit, the program works. It’s an ingenious and easy-to- understand method of ensuring that the program is correct. Take a look.

You Can Find a Job in R&D If You Look Hard Enough

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Quick: Name a truly innovative company today. Chances are you thought of someone like Amazon (for its AWS and related-cloud services), Apple (shiny devices and usability), Twitter (zero to ubiquity in just a few years), or someone like that. They all have done great things. But in 20 or 40 years, will any of them still matter? There’s an argument to be made that cloud services legitimately changed the face of computing. But Twitter? That is going down in history… continue…

Microsoft Flight Simulator May Not Help You Pilot a Drone

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Rq-4A Global Hawk In Flight
Spending a lot of time playing Microsoft Flight Simulator or Falcon 4.0: Allied Force? Ever wonder if  your gaming skills would translate into a real world job? Maybe you should think about flying drones. Or not. On the one hand, the use of drones — and the need for pilots — is rising. On the other hand, you’ll need a lot of skills beyond flight simulation in order to qualify. If you’re interested, the first step is to avoid saying… continue…

CMS Firm Box is a Good Place for New Graduates

Box (formerly is a cloud content management system. The Los Altos, Calif., company is in a super hot space right now and it’s growing extremely fast. At the Tech Career Expo in San Francisco, I spoke with Roger Liang and Samuel Yoo, two recruiters who describe Box’s culture as that of college outside of college. While collaboration is tied to Box’s product, it’s also intrinsic to the office’s open work environment. With no cubicles, everyone is easily accessible, thereby… continue…

Online Ed Venture Coursera Lands $6 Million, More University Partners

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Coursera, the online education platform started by Stanford computer science professors Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng, has raised $6 million in new funding and signed its first international university partners. So now you can not only take courses in algorithms from Princeton or Stanford, or delve into Android apps with the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, you can study artificial intelligence with the University of Edinburgh or digital signal processing at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).  EPFL also is offering… continue…

Most People Want More Than Money for Their Work

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Gone are the days when a company could just flash its cash and get employees to do their bidding. At the Tech Career Expo in San Francisco, I asked people what were their top motivators for getting a new job. Only two people mentioned money. Everyone else talked about the need to work on something of value, something they cared about, and be recognized for the work that they do. Does that describe you, or are you motivated by something… continue…