Indiana Startup Bloomerang Seeks PMs, Developers

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Indiana-based Bloomerang, which provides cloud-based donor-management software for non-profits, has announced expansion plans that include adding 70 jobs by 2023. The company plans to renovate a facility in Lawrence, an Indianapolis suburb, and is hiring for project manager, IT and developer positions. All deal with helping client organizations convert from legacy databases. In the longer term, the expansion will include Bloomerang’s development, customer support, sales, marketing and operations teams. The NonProfit Times lists Bloomerang among the vendors in its “top… continue…

What the ‘Digital Industrial Economy’ Means for Jobs

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In the new “Digital Industrial Economy,” described this week by Gartner, “every budget (is) an IT budget, every company (is) a technology company, every business is becoming a digital leader and every person is becoming a technology company.” On first glance, this might seem to create vast opportunities for those with IT skills in the years to come. Already, we’re seeing more technology professionals being moved into hybrid roles, where they combine their expertise with, say, marketing functions. However, the… continue…

VC Altman: ‘Hot Girls’ Only Part of the Bubble Picture

Sam Altman’s recently spotlighted comments about tech companies hiring “hot girls” to recruit engineering talent was “meant somewhat tongue in cheek, although it’s a real phenomenon,” he told Dice News. When asked about how often this takes place, he said, “I don’t think it’s super common.” The real meat of his blog post: “Maybe now we’re actually in the early stages of a startup bubble.” The venture capitalist and former Loopt CEO pointed to such signs as unsustainable high valuations… continue…

St. Louis Tech Companies Scramble for Talent

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St. Louis has found its mojo as a tech hub, writes Gabe Lozano, Co-Founder and Chief Executive of LockerDome, a social media platform for sports. A few years ago, he writes on The Wall Street Journal’s website, he would have gotten more respect by telling people he was unemployed rather than living there. That’s not true anymore. Lozano points to a vibrant startup scene that includes companies like earbuds maker Yurbuds, enterprise software developer Gainsight and content company CrowdSource. Taking… continue…

Tech Leads Oregon Recovery

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The tech industry is leading Oregon out of the recession by adding jobs faster than the overall economy, and paying more than twice the state average, according to a new report from the state’s Employment Department. Tech salaries in the state average $94,000 a year and grew by 3.9 percent between 2011 and 2012. That compares with Oregon’s overall average salary of $44,300, which rose only 2.8 percent during the same period. Meanwhile, tech employment hit 60,100 in July, the… continue…

Here’s How to Find the Next Silicon Valley

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There is no shortage of places vying to become the next Silicon Valley. Pick your times zone and climate, they span across the U.S. Whether New York, Boston, Texas, Southern California or Colorado, each has advocates claiming its tech sector is about to get really hot. Let’s say you’re planning a career move, already live in Northern California and want to geographically position yourself to be in the Next Big Place. Where should you move? According to new research from… continue…

Tech Opportunities as SaaS Moves into Small Business

Small businesses have eagerly adopted cloud-based software, leading a trend that is only expected to grow. The trend is business’s move toward Software as a Service. Forrester Research predicts that the SaaS market will grow by 25 percent this year, to $59 billion, and reach $75 billion in 2014. In in the past, small businesses – those with fewer than 100 employees – had to settle for expensive and poorly scaled-down versions of vendors’ enterprise solutions. More recently, technology companies… continue…

Tech Startups See Increased Hiring

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It looks like startups will lead the way in tech hiring for a while. Nearly 90 percent – 87 percent to be precise – of startup executives plan to hire this year, according to Silicon Valley Bank’s Startup Outlook. That’s up from 83 percent last year. It’s also higher than the numbers cited in a Dice report released late last year, which found 64 percent of hiring managers in a wide range of companies expected to add tech workers during… continue…

Altisource to Hire 100 Engineers in Boston

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The German financial software and services company Altisource will open an incubator lab in Boston and hire 100 software engineers to staff it. The company says it intends for the lab to create a number of spin-off companies in which it would retain large investment stakes. Altisource, which operates an incubator lab in Atlanta, has already had some success with this concept. Last year, it spun off two of its companies – Altisource Residential and Altisource Asset Management – yielding… continue…

10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Work for a Startup

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With their promise of potentially building something to rock the world, not to mention potential riches that could come from an IPO, startups hold a lot of sex appeal. But if you’re thinking that jumping into that kind of adventure is the next step in your career, be sure you’re thinking carefully. Some people are drawn to the idea of new companies the way moths are drawn to light — and they end up getting fried. To help you avoid… continue…