How You Can Manage Without Managers

Are companies better off without managers? Your first reaction is probably, “Yes!” But in a lot of cases, there may be more than anti-management frustration to your answer than you think. Indeed, IT teams – especially startups – may be ripe for the innovative approach of managing without managers, a move that could straighten even Dilbert’s tie. According to Michele Zanini, managing director of McKinsey’s Management Lab in Boston, an IT workforce could work well under a leaderless system. Typically,… continue…

Chinese Investors Eye U.S. Startups

Over the past eight years, U.S.-based venture firms have set up shop in China to invest in startups serving its massive emerging market. But now, dollars are making a return trip across the Pacific as Chinese investors make investments in Silicon Valley startups, according to The Wall Street Journal. Tencent Holdings, for example, is angling to be lead investor of a $200 million round for the now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t messaging app Snapchat. Last month, China’s high-profile Alibaba Group Holdings led a… continue…

5 Places to Launch Your Startup

Looking for a place to launch your startup? Follow the money – literally. Most company founders dream of taking their company public or, at a minimum, getting a fabulous offer from someone who wants to buy their baby. That’s a key thing to consider when you’re evaluating the best place to launch your company. However, startups on a razor-thin budget may need to operate in an affordable area while providing employees with a decent lifestyle. Sometimes those two factors synch… continue…

Portland, Ore., Campaigns to Boost Startups

A competition known as the Startup PDX Challenge has created a buzz in Portland’s tech community as the city aims to energize its startup scene. Created by the Portland Development Commission, the challenge offered winners free furnished office space for a year, a $10,000 stipend and free legal, accounting and other services. From 240 applicants, six companies were named winners: ClutchPlay Games, whose four employees enjoy working in the same room after toiling in their respective homes; CoPatient, which scrutinizes… continue…

Developing Countries’ Women Learn Tech Entrepreneurship

When you hear the phrases “technology entrepreneur” and “third world women,” chances are you conjure up very different mental images with very little overlap. A project in Silicon Valley is trying to change that. In its third year, TechWomen is a State Department program launched by former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton as a means to advance women’s rights and foster cross-cultural awareness between the U.S. and the Middle East. It provides women already in science, technology, engineering and mathematics… continue…

Raleigh Rolls Out a Red Carpet for Startups

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What’s New This Quarter Raleigh has enjoyed the second highest rate of migration of any metro area over the past five years, and the local tech industry has certainly played a role. Recently, Forbes ranked it third in its annual list of best places for business and careers (Des Moines was No. 1). The Research Triangle tech community is encouraging more startup activity. After first opening in Durham, American Underground, a network of startup hubs, will open another location this… continue…

Why VCs Prefer Silicon Valley Investments

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When you’re looking for investors, where you’re working can have an awful lot to do with your success. One reason: More tech companies in Silicon Valley pay off for VCs than in any other region of the country. According to researcher CB Insights, tech companies in Silicon Valley made up 52 percent of the value from the 50 largest venture-backed exits so far this year. If you include Facebook’s IPO, the number rises to 86 percent. Digging In While Silicon… continue…

Online Platforms Connect Tech Firms & Angel Investors

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Tech companies are of particular interest to accredited angel investors who tap into investment crowdfunding platforms like AngelList, Crowdfunder, Gust and MicroVentures. While most people are familiar with Kickstarter and Indiegogo, campaigns on those sites include everything from singers pushing records to companies developing new projects. In lieu of equity, backers get the eventual product and other rewards. But portals that cater to accredited investors generally take a more sophisticated approach – they’re about pairing investors with companies who’ll trade… continue…

Indiana Startup Bloomerang Seeks PMs, Developers

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Indiana-based Bloomerang, which provides cloud-based donor-management software for non-profits, has announced expansion plans that include adding 70 jobs by 2023. The company plans to renovate a facility in Lawrence, an Indianapolis suburb, and is hiring for project manager, IT and developer positions. All deal with helping client organizations convert from legacy databases. In the longer term, the expansion will include Bloomerang’s development, customer support, sales, marketing and operations teams. The NonProfit Times lists Bloomerang among the vendors in its “top… continue…

What the ‘Digital Industrial Economy’ Means for Jobs

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In the new “Digital Industrial Economy,” described this week by Gartner, “every budget (is) an IT budget, every company (is) a technology company, every business is becoming a digital leader and every person is becoming a technology company.” On first glance, this might seem to create vast opportunities for those with IT skills in the years to come. Already, we’re seeing more technology professionals being moved into hybrid roles, where they combine their expertise with, say, marketing functions. However, the… continue…