How One App Hit 30 Countries in 3 Months

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How’s this for performance? New York’s driving analytics app-developer Dash got thousands of U.S. users and has been downloaded in more than 30 countries — all within three months of its launch. The company’s located at the WeWork co-working space in lower Manhattan, which gives it the flexibility to grow without investing in a new real estate – not to mention a community of startups and an office space with pinball, beer and all the other startup essentials. What makes… continue…

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Worry About a Bubble

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Soap Bubble
Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp is seen by some as the clearest sign yet that we’re in the midst of a tech bubble that could threaten jobs in both startups and established IT firms. But not everyone agrees. “Obviously there have been some really big prices paid for tech companies recently,” says former Apple CEO John Sculley, citing both the WhatsApp acquisition and Google’s $3.4 billion purchase of Nest. The size of both deals shocked many Silicon Valley watchers.… continue…

Why Women Start Lifestyle Tech Companies

Lifestyle Tech
Women tech entrepreneurs in the retail and lifestyle space are increasingly gaining customers and attracting venture capital interest. Companies like Birchbox, Gilt, Rent the Runway and Foodspotting — as well as the women starting them – are establishing a foothold in an ever-growing and crowded sector. Why does it seem like so many women are concentrating their business development efforts on retail and lifestyle companies? Interests, experience and education all have something to do with it. Elena Silenok, founder and… continue…

When’s the Right Time to Join a Startup?

Imagine for a moment that you’re among the most fortunate people in the world: Four promising startups have offered you a job, each company at a different stage of its evolution. You have to choose one as the next step in your career path. But, which one? The Companies: Company 1’s founder has money from friends and family, and a good idea. You aren’t being brought in as a co-founder, but as employee No. 2 you can play a major… continue…

Why CES Is a Bad Scene for Startups

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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. continue…

Most Tech Startups Don’t Raise Big Money Before Exits

Money Roll
In what’s bound to be come as a surprise to many startups, 76 percent of tech companies acquired in 2012 made their exits without raising institutional investment, according to a report from the venture capital database CB Insights. During the year, 2,277 private tech companies were bought out for a total disclosed value of $46.8 billion. (The value of some deals wasn’t reported.) Eight of those were purchased for more than $1 billion, six in the U.S. But the big… continue…

The ABCs of Stock Options at Early Stage Companies

It’s not uncommon for early stage tech companies to pony up stock options to lure key employees on board. For a new business without a lot of cash available, it makes sense to offer options in lieu of hefty paychecks. From the company’s vantage point, employee options encourage people to work hard and feel like they’re “a part” of the business. But for employees, the considerations are much different. Given the demand for talented development people, the lure of stock… continue…

How Snapchat and Instagram Could Doom Startups

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For many startups, it should always be a good time to sell. continue…

Fab Gives Pink Slips to 81 More

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E-commerce startup Fab has confirmed giving the ax to 81 employees — 73 full-timers and eight temps. AllThingsD reports the casualties include Chief Product Officer David Paltiel as well as other executives. It says Devin Flaherty, the company’s head of user experience, resigned. Chief Operating Officer Beth Ferreira is leaving as well. None of these executives were mentioned by CEO Jason Goldberg in his memo, published on Valleywag, on “refounding” the company. Goldberg said of the streamlining going on: This… continue…

Small Startups Better Bet for Women Engineers

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For companies whose workforce includes more than 100 engineers, the proportion of women on engineering teams falls far below the national average of 25 percent, according to data from Pinterest engineer Tracy Chou. But when it comes to startups with up to seven engineers, the prospect for women vastly improves. At those companies, they comprise at least 50 percent of the engineering team. What Gives? Some of the big companies with a smaller proportion of women engineers may surprise you:… continue…