Is Earth Weighed Down By Dark Matter?

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Earth may have a dark-matter corset weighing it down… or that might just be a shadow. continue…

Deep-Skin Dedication to Spacecraft Engineering

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Terrance Yee loves space, so much so that the 45 year old spacecraft engineer, who lives in San Diego with his wife of 21 years and two of their three kids (the oldest is in college), is firmly convinced that the future of humanity lies beyond earth. To that end, he recently partnered in the company Black Sun Planetary Solutions, a cutting-edge, solar startup created to raise the funds necessary to advance breakthrough research and technologies that would cut the… continue…

Two Weeks Left to Apply for Mars Crew

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Astronaut on Mars
The prospect of joining the first team to colonize Mars has proven to be so wildly alluring that more than 100,000 people have applied for a spot – despite the fact they’ll only get a one-way ticket. The Dutch company Mars One plans to launch two men and two women on a journey to the Red Planet in 2022. It’s taking applications through August 31 and will winnow those down to a group of 40, from which the final four… continue…

Bill Gates Promotes Vaccine Projects, Swipes at Google

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The Microsoft co-founder doesn’t think projects to bring the Internet to underserved countries matters as much as providing basic healthcare. continue…

Money in Space: PayPal Prepares for Orbital Tourists

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When space tourism really takes off, PayPal wants to be ready. After all, you’ll need some way to pay for your zero-g hotel, those out-of-this-world meals and other extraterrestrial purchases. Last week, the company said it has a team of space architects and researchers working with the SETI Institute on a payment system for outer space. “There are lots of important questions that the industry needs to answer,” PayPal President David told the Associated Press. “There are regulatory and technical… continue…

Is It Time For Servers in Space?

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The “Server Sky” concept envisions wafer-like servers communicating via microwaves, and maneuvering by sunlight. continue…

Nicole Sharp: Taking Fluid Dynamics to a Whole New Level

Fluid Art
Nicole Sharp is a wind tunnel jockey. “What’s that?” you ask. The short answer involves crawling around in wind tunnels big enough for a human to get around in, but not hot or windy enough to bake said human and blow them away. The longer answer is a whole lot more interesting. Sharp is a 27-year-old aerospace engineer and Texas A&M Ph.D. student and Amelia Earhart Fellow in fluids research. She spent her childhood in Arkansas and later lived in… continue…

Joseph Shoer: Space Battles and Imaginary Worlds

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Joseph Shoer
Joseph Shoer is a 28-year-old guidance, navigation and control engineer for a major commercial spacecraft company. He has a B.A. in physics with honors from Williams College and a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering from Cornell. He’s also been involved in research on included solar physics, optical-fiber pulse lasers, interactions between superconductors and magnetic fields, multibody spacecraft dynamics, and the lunar rover in NASA’s Constellation program. His blog, which features both his professional and personal interests, has been featured by Gizmodo,… continue…

IBM Designing Superman Servers For World’s Largest Telescope

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IBM and a Dutch team are designing servers that can laugh off stinging desert sands while processing more data than today’s Internet. continue…

SXSW: Elon Musk Talks Reusable Rockets, Tesla Controversy

Elon Musk offered a video of a SpaceX reusable rocket test during his keynote talk at SXSW. continue…