Sony Launching PlayStation Now Streaming Platform

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The streaming hub will make its debut sometime this summer. continue…

Why Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Holiday Sales Don’t Matter

It’s not about how well the consoles sell in their first few weeks of release—it’s how they do over the next few years. continue…

The Quest to Build Xbox One and PS4 Emulators

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Consoles’ use of x86 chips will aid emulator development—unless Microsoft and Sony get better at locking down hardware. continue…

Sony, Microsoft Claim Strong First-Day Console Sales

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But Sony’s PlayStation 4 may have outsold the Xbox One in North America. continue…

PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One: The Battle is Joined

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It’s on like Donkey Kong. continue…

PlayStation 4 Critiqued by Original Xbox Design Team

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The Chromebook is Unveiled
Teague, which helped design the original Xbox, has some issues with the look of the new PlayStation 4. continue…

Can Nintendo Survive in a Smartphone World?

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Nintendo’s most difficult challenge yet is just staying relevant. continue…

Next Gen. Console Game Lineups Hint at Future Directions

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Perhaps the most surprising thing about Microsoft and Sony’s next generation console game lists is that there were so few surprises. By December 31, Microsoft and Sony plan to release at least 23 and 33 titles, respectively. Based on sheer numbers, it would seem that Sony would have the upper hand, but a closer look reveals that the company might have been trying to boost its numbers: More than half of the titles are digital downloads, of which it appears… continue…

Sony Online Entertainment Cuts 70 Jobs in San Diego

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Multiplayer online game producer Sony Online Entertainment has cut 70 jobs from its San Diego headquarters. Although in August it announced plans to streamline its workforce there and in Austin to cut expenses, the company hadn’t revealed the number to be cut. Exactly how many people will lose their jobs in Austin still isn’t clear. The San Diego number was included in a notice of layoffs filed with the state of California. The company is known for EverQuest, DC Universe… continue…

Google Considering Android Gaming Console: Report

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An Android-based video-game console could help Google counter Apple’s expected entrance into the gaming sphere. continue…