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Amazon Hiring at Liquavista & Lab126

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Amazon Kindle
Word on the street is that Amazon is hiring IT professionals, as it ramps up its Kindle research and development efforts. According to Good E-Reader, Amazon is working on a full color e-reader with a six-inch screen, similar to the resolution offered with its existing Kindles. Some of the positions Amazon is seeking to fill include process quality engineer, product test engineer, process development engineer, product development manager, and an Asia-based operations program manager. The new senior level positions will… continue…

A Tenuous Future for Google Code?

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Google Code, the company’s project-hosting site for developers, could soon get the axe, reports InfoWorld. The “most obvious” reason why Google Code might be dumped is that it hasn’t added a new feature since 2011, InfoWorld notes, though there is also the rise of GitHub, which has accelerated the practice of coding as a “collective and social” endeavor — exactly what Google Code had set out to accomplish. Indeed, the last feature added to Google Code was the addition of… continue…

Demand for IT Engineers Shows in Salaries

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IT engineers continue to be in demand, and the proof is in their salaries, according to the 2013–2014 PayScale College Salary report. Their roles accounted for a sizable chunk of the top 10 salaries across all industries when measured by median pay for graduates with at least 10 years of experience. Computer engineering majors, sharing sixth place with electrical engineering majors, had an annual median salary of $106,000 for those at the mid-career level. When starting out – with five… continue…

$50K Student-Coder Contest Aims to Reward Creativity

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Organizers of the “Dream it. Code it. Win it” contest say it was created to reward creativity. continue…

Software-Development Tools Belong in the Browser

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Software development tools will soon follow consumer applications into the cloud. continue…

Health Clinic Chain Brings Tech Center to New Orleans

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Healthcare clinic ChenMed has opened a new technology development operation in New Orleans, as part of an expansion of its software subsidiary ChenTech, that calls for hiring up to 50 new employees. ChenTech develops software applications for physicians, hospitals and clinics using Java, PHP, HTML5 and iOS. The software development center is located in the central business district of New Orleans and is expected to hit full employment in the next two to three years. The new positions are expected… continue…

Who Are Software Developers?

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Apple A5 Chip
It takes a special type of person to write code. continue…

Jobs in Building Information Modeling

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Long before construction managers of the new Yankee Stadium gave the go-ahead to break ground, they knew exactly how the massive project would play out. Even before the earth movers dug up the first mound of dirt, engineers and architects had identified multitudes of possible snags. And even before physical work began, they were able to address them, saving thousands of man hours and enabling construction to finish months ahead of schedule. “It’s a very sophisticated building,” says Paul Sullivan,… continue…

Does Scala’s Enterprise Penetration Threaten Java?

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Created in 2001 and running on the JVM, Scala has started gaining traction in the Enterprise space because its use of functional and object oriented programming gives it an advantage over Java. It’s quite rare to see software disruption happening. It’s said that you don’t start recognizing a new Hollywood film star until you’ve seen them six times. The same may be true for new programming languages. A mention here, an article there and up it pops on your “Should… continue…