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This is Your Digital Life

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By 2015, any company wanting to capture the attention of its customers or employees will have to compete with digital media flowing every waking second. continue…

Google Plus Growth Accelerating, Google Claims

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According to the company’s own calculations, some 110 million new people have begun using Google Plus in the past five months. continue…

Why Won’t Google’s ‘Shared Endorsements’ Pay Users?

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Fortunately, it’s easy to opt out of Google’s upcoming plan to use “+1”s as advertising fodder. continue…

Twitter’s IPO Could Spark Huge Challenges

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When Twitter finally goes public, Wall Street will start cracking the whip for boundless growth and revenue. continue…

Facebook Releases First-Ever Transparency Report

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Facebook’s initial transparency report covers the first six months of 2013. continue…

Vine Surviving Instagram’s Foray Into Micro-Video

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Vine has seen its user base increase to 40 million over the past few months. continue…

LinkedIn Expands to Universities, Students

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By locking students into the network early, LinkedIn can (at least in theory) maintain a user base for many years to come. continue…

Four Strategies for Overcoming Degree Requirements

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Matt Goldenberg’s client wanted to get into Web marketing and analytics. He had an aptitude for his work at a real estate company but faced one big hurdle: He lacked a Computer Science degree, and many of the job postings he’d seen required one. So Goldenberg, a Portland, Ore., Career Coach, devised a clever strategy.  He had the client approach his current employer with a plan to do some Web marketing for the company, at a reduced rate. In exchange,… continue…

Vine Branches Out to Android

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Vine is offering its popular video mobile app on Android, branching out from its iOS base where it’s grown from 13 million users in a year. Vine, which made the announcement Monday, has not only gained traction since Twitter acquired it in October – five months after it was founded by Dom Hofmann and Rus Yusupov, but it’s hitting the sweetspot of pre-teens. With Vine, Twitter is able to reach into the mindset of tweens, a group who tend to… continue…

Yahoo Promises Not to Screw Tumblr Up

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Yahoo has a history of making high-profile acquisitions that subsequently implode in spectacular fashion. continue…