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Using Twitter to Land a Tech Job at Expedia

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Online travel site Expedia wants to hire 240 technology professionals ranging from engineers to a sizable slug of information technology specialists. And more and more, managers there are finding those people on Twitter. But first, the jobs. The company’s looking for: Software development engineers Test engineers Program managers Technical product managers UI/UX Web developers (less emphasis on visual design, more on technology) Java and Hadoop are the two most common skills that Expedia looks for in job candidates. Others Include… continue…

ToS;DR Shows the Bottom Line of Websites’ Terms of Service

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ToS;DR is a young project — started just two months ago — that seeks to end what TechCrunch calls “the biggest lie on the Web.” The lie revolves around websites’ terms of service. ToS:DR — which stands for “Terms of Service; Didn’t Read — rates sites based on theirs with a system that runs from “Class A” Every website has its own ToS and its own problems. ToS;DR’s ratings allow users to learn what they’re getting into when they sign… continue…

States Ban Demands for Social Media Passwords

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If you’re the type of person who enjoys posting potentially career-ending comments or photos on social media sites, you’ll be happy to know several states are angling to help enable your self-sabotage. Illinois is now the third state to pass a law that prohibits companies from asking employees or job seekers for their social media user names and passwords. It’s an amendment to the state’s “Right to Privacy in the Workplace Act” and makes it unlawful to “request or require… continue…

Networking Is Still the Best Way to Find a Job

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Networking remains a critical component of your job search, because referrals are still the number one source of new hires. The fact is that more recruiters are using social media to coax additional referrals from current employees, or find “passive” candidates — qualified people who aren’t actively looking for work. In fact, data from a survey by social recruiting analytics firm Jobvite, plus a study of large employers by consulting firm CareerXroads, suggest that recruiters use social media as a… continue…

Google Dangles $100 Million Bonus at Wildfire Staff

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Google wants to slap golden handcuffs on the staff of social marketer Wildfire, following its reported $350 million acquisition of the company. Google is said to be offering retention bonuses and earn-outs worth up to a total of $100 million. That offer apparently indicates Google not only wants Wildfire’s technology, but also its employees too. Wildfire allows brands to run marketing and ad campaigns on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn. The newly acquired company is considered by some… continue…

Zynga’s Legal Woes Mount

Electronic Arts on Friday filed suit against Zynga claiming it ripped off EA’s The Sims Social in producing its new game The Ville. The EA copyright lawsuit is the latest legal woes for the popular social media games publisher. EA’s Lucy Bradshaw says in a blog post Friday. The similarities go well beyond any superficial resemblance. Zynga’s design choices, animations, visual arrangements and character motions and actions have been directly lifted from The Sims Social. Zynga, however, contends EA doesn’t… continue…

Apple Looks to Have The Fancy in Its Sights

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Apple seems to have its eye on fledgling social commerce startup The Fancy. Apple CEO Tim Cook has reportedly been meeting with Joe Einhorn, his counterpart at The Fancy, regarding a possible acquisition. To read some tea leaves, Cook opened a Fancy account soon after the two sat down at Allen & Co.’s Sun Valley conference earlier this year. The company’s numbers look healthy: It has 20 employees and earns around $10,000 per day in sales. Valued at $100 million,… continue…

Pinterest’s Move Hints at Growth [DiceTV]

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Social network Pinterest has moved its headquarters to San Francisco, leasing part of a 48,000 square foot building. The move sets off speculation that it’s getting ready to grow.

Pinterest Move to San Francisco Hints at Growth

Fast-growing Pinterest has moved its headquarters to San Francisco, near games giant Zynga and online room-rental service Airbnb. The pinboard site isn’t talking about its growth plans, but the San Francisco Chronicle reports the company is leasing part of a 48,000-square-foot building at 808 Brannan St. It also says rents are more favorable in the South of Market area, averaging $50 per square foot, compared with $75 per square foot in downtown Palo Alto. Since launching in January 2010, Pinterest has… continue…

Transmedia Companies Want ‘Story-Driven’ Tech People

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The entertainment business is engaged in nothing less than the reinvention of narrative, and the leading edge is something called transmedia. It’s in this corner of storytelling that a next wave of developers, gamers, filmmakers, writers and composers are creating immersive story-telling experiences that employ a variety of media, delivered across platforms. But here, “cross platform” means more than just on your console one minute and your smartphone the next. It means on your phone, your PC, your iPod, your… continue…