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4 Ways to Stay Out of Trouble When You’re Multitasking

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Lost Mobile Phone
Ever face an obnoxious co-worker texting during your killer presentation on your latest deep-dive data analysis? You’re likely not alone. It turns out that 64 percent of CIOs are encountering breaches in workplace etiquette because of cellphones, tablets and other mobile multitasking-enabling devices, up from 51 percent three years ago. The numbers come from Robert Half Technology. Though they make use more productive, mobile devices can also be a “round-the-clock distraction,” observed John Reed, a senior executive director with Robert… continue…

‘Future Perfect’ Sees Progress Through Peer Networks

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future perfect book cover
Long celebrated as one of the Internet’s deepest philosophical thinkers, Steven Johnson uses the publication of his eighth book, Future Perfect: The Case for Progress in a Networked Age, to make the case that a new model of political change is emerging, transforming every aspect of modern life along its way. Johnson is a huge fan of networks of all kinds, but especially distributed networks, the kind of decentralized peer-to-peer connections that pretty much define what the Internet is all about.… continue…

Facebook’s Wanna-Be Co-Owner Arrested for Fraud

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Remember Paul Ceglia, the New York businessman who claimed Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg gave him a 50 percent stake in the social media behemoth? Well, it turns out federal prospectors didn’t buy it. Early Friday the 39-year-old Ceglia was arrested at his Wellsville, N.Y., home and charged with one count of mail fraud and one count of wire fraud. Each carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison – ouch! Last year Ceglia, in an amended lawsuit against Zuckerberg… continue…

Can Redesigned Myspace Get Back in the Game?

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New Myspace
Myspace, the social network giant of the late Jurassic, has finally changed its design. Though long overdue, the overhaul may make the service a player in the quicksilver social networking scene. There’s real magic to be had when you swipe into the right hand section of the Myspace app. Similar to the new Google+ Android app, its swipe carousel actually defines the new design. Users will find their recent activity stylishly grouped in landscape mode and all information can be… continue…

One Woman’s Views on Algorithms as Foreplay

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How successful has online dating been for you? Jen Friel, who blogs at Blogger of Talk Nerdy to Me Lover, says her experiment has been a combination of success and ultimate failure. I spoke with her at the TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. Friel’s dating experiment outgrew from another where she bartered social media to live for a year. She took $10 and traveled to 12 states from May 2010 to May 2011. During that time she wanted a social… continue…

Embarrassing Moments in Social Media

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Whether publicly posting something that you meant to DM (Hello, Anthony Weiner) or letting photos of us drunk show up on Facebook, we’ve all done stupid things online. At TechCrunch Disrupt, I asked the socially savvy attendees, “What’s the most embarrassing thing either you or someone else has done in social media?” Even though they wanted to block out the past, many were able to come up with some embarrassing tales. Image: Surprised Girls Looking At A Laptop from Bigstock

GitHub for Enterprise. Yes, Enterprise

When I talk to developers, they go on and on about how Github is one of the most amazing resources for coding. The website,, is a collaborative space for all developers to search for code, refine code, copy code, and share code. The site allows for complete social coding with source code hosting, issue tracking, and documentation, says Danish Khan of Github. At VMworld 2012, Khan talked with us about the virtual enterprise edition of Github, a packaged version… continue…

Steam’s Greenlight Turns to Crowdsourcing

Steam Greenlight
Valve recently pressed the go button on Steam network’s Greenlight program, which seeks member advice on what games the company should develop. It seems a natural development, given the popularity of crowd-funding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Greenlight, notes an post, functions in much the same way, except that it is only for Steam games. Briefly, a developer uploads screenshots and a synopsis of a game and members of the Steam-using public get to voice their opinions. It amounts… continue…

Why Facebook Needs To Build A Superior Android App

Facebook released a major update to its iOS app last month, transforming the slow and stress-inducing app into a snappy, decent one. I’ve always wondered why the world’s largest social network, with close to a billion active users, couldn’t get its mobile application right. The company has finally decided to right this wrong, even if it has to build the new iOS app from scratch, using native code instead of HTML 5. The updated application may not be the best… continue…

Using Twitter to Land a Tech Job at Expedia

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Expedia Baggage Tag
Online travel site Expedia wants to hire 240 technology professionals ranging from engineers to a sizable slug of information technology specialists. And more and more, managers there are finding those people on Twitter. But first, the jobs. The company’s looking for: Software development engineers Test engineers Program managers Technical product managers UI/UX Web developers (less emphasis on visual design, more on technology) Java and Hadoop are the two most common skills that Expedia looks for in job candidates. Others Include… continue…