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Zynga’s Legal Woes Mount

Electronic Arts on Friday filed suit against Zynga claiming it ripped off EA’s The Sims Social in producing its new game The Ville. The EA copyright lawsuit is the latest legal woes for the popular social media games publisher. EA’s Lucy Bradshaw says in a blog post Friday. The similarities go well beyond any superficial resemblance. Zynga’s design choices, animations, visual arrangements and character motions and actions have been directly lifted from The Sims Social. Zynga, however, contends EA doesn’t… continue…

Apple Looks to Have The Fancy in Its Sights

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Apple seems to have its eye on fledgling social commerce startup The Fancy. Apple CEO Tim Cook has reportedly been meeting with Joe Einhorn, his counterpart at The Fancy, regarding a possible acquisition. To read some tea leaves, Cook opened a Fancy account soon after the two sat down at Allen & Co.’s Sun Valley conference earlier this year. The company’s numbers look healthy: It has 20 employees and earns around $10,000 per day in sales. Valued at $100 million,… continue…

Pinterest’s Move Hints at Growth [DiceTV]

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Social network Pinterest has moved its headquarters to San Francisco, leasing part of a 48,000 square foot building. The move sets off speculation that it’s getting ready to grow.

Pinterest Move to San Francisco Hints at Growth

Fast-growing Pinterest has moved its headquarters to San Francisco, near games giant Zynga and online room-rental service Airbnb. The pinboard site isn’t talking about its growth plans, but the San Francisco Chronicle reports the company is leasing part of a 48,000-square-foot building at 808 Brannan St. It also says rents are more favorable in the South of Market area, averaging $50 per square foot, compared with $75 per square foot in downtown Palo Alto. Since launching in January 2010, Pinterest has… continue…

Transmedia Companies Want ‘Story-Driven’ Tech People

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The entertainment business is engaged in nothing less than the reinvention of narrative, and the leading edge is something called transmedia. It’s in this corner of storytelling that a next wave of developers, gamers, filmmakers, writers and composers are creating immersive story-telling experiences that employ a variety of media, delivered across platforms. But here, “cross platform” means more than just on your console one minute and your smartphone the next. It means on your phone, your PC, your iPod, your… continue…

Betaworks Buys Digg For Reported $500,000

Believe it or not, Betaworks is snapping up social news aggregator Digg. The rumoured price? Just $500,000 dollars, says the Wall Street Journal. Personally, I don’t buy it because Google offered $200 million in 2008, so right now Digg looks like a bargain. Digg will be soon integrated in Betaworks mobile social media product, which will deliver the best stories shared on Facebook, Twitter and Digg. Right now, the app is only available for the iPhone and the… continue…

Your Boss May Soon Judge Your Workplace “Influence”

Thought that job performance review was tough enough? How about adding how much office influence you have into the mix. Performance evaluations may soon see this revolutionary shift, as companies begin to experiment with ways to measure employees’ influence within their organization based on successful engagement with co-workers via internal workgroups and social media communication tools., for one, is beginning to implement such a practice, says Fast Company:’s Chatter system released a new feature this spring called Influencer. It… continue…

Why Europe’s Girls-In-Science Campaign Fails So Miserably

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After a backlash of actual ladies of science, the European Commission took down a promotional video designed to encourage girls to study science. The promotion was intended to make science fashionable from a girl’s perspective, but its stereotypical depiction of women dancing on a catwalk, applying lipstick and giggling created an uproar on the Internet. Biologist Joanne Manaster responded to the flopped video on Scientific American, saying, “How I carry and present myself is important as a teacher and communicator,… continue…

Facebook Blames A Bug For Its Email Address Problems

Facebook Email Issue
Facebook always saw its unified messaging service — which let’s you view messages, chats and emails sent to the address in a messages inbox — as a Gmail killer. Unfortunately, it forgot to announce that it would force everyone to display an address instead the one users used when they signed up. Honestly, I’ve never heard someone in the last two years even mention Facebook’s email service. But fortunately, there’s a fix for it. Access your Facebook Profile… continue…

Facebook Names COO to Board, CEO Grooming or Shareholder Pressure?

Facebook took the unusual move of naming its chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg to its board of directors. When such a move is taken, it’s often viewed as grooming the COO to eventually replace the CEO. That’s what happened at Advanced Micro Devices when they named Dirk Meyer to the board and at Dell when they appointed Kevin Rollins to the board. Both of these COOs were eventually named CEO. Sandberg Next in Line? Facebook’s COO is a more than… continue…