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Oppression is Stronger Than the Internet: Study

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The ability of authorities to monitor and punish opposition online is alive and well, despite some perceived gains by protestors and dissidents. continue…

Some Employers Use Social Media to Discriminate

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Information revealed on social media sites can lead to hiring discrimination, according to research from Carnegie Mellon University. “Our experiment focused on a novel tension: The tension between the law — which, in the United States, protects various types of information, making it risky for certain personal questions to be asked during interviews — and new information technologies, such as online social networks — which (often) make that same information available to strangers, including interviewers and employers,” said Alessandro Acquisti,… continue…

Transmedia Uses Tech to Change Storytelling

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Jay Bushman is an Emmy-winning transmedia producer, show runner and writer. He was behind the Jane Austen inspired, tremendously successful, 153 episode series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and more recently, its 27 episode summer spinoff Welcome To Sanditon. An innovator in the way we experience narrative entertainment, Bushman is the co-founder and leader of the group Transmedia Los Angeles, the creator of the Fourth Wall Studio series Dirty Work, and the genre-defying, animated steampunk show Airship Dracula. He’s comfortable telling… continue…

What Twitter’s IPO Could Mean for Employees

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Twitter engineers and the rest of the flock had plenty to tweet about Thursday afternoon, as the company finally announced it had filed for its long-awaited IPO. Twitter, however, submitted its IPO documents to the Securities and Exchange Commission “confidentially,” meaning its financial condition will not be known publicly just yet. Here are two tweets Twitter sent out this afternoon regarding its IPO:   And here’s its advice to employees…and all the Twitter gawkers… What this means for Twitter employees… continue…

Practice Gaming, Help Civilization

In times of crisis, social media usage skyrockets. And while many of the posts are merely complaints about being inconvenienced, some contain information that could be useful to first responders. Unfortunately, due to the massive volume of posts, much of it gets lost. One organization wants to put a stop to it, but they’ll need your gaming skills to do it.  

Present Shock: Stuck in The Now

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Way back in 1970, futurist Alvin Toffler, the author of the best-selling Future Shock, warned us that “too much change in too short a period of time” was certain to cause both individuals and societies “shattering stress and disorientation.” No kidding. Today, however, we’re no longer obsessed with the future because the urgency of the present moment — everything from stock prices to texts to tweets — distracts us from both the lessons of the past and our plans for the… continue…

Incorporating Social Links into Your Dice Profile

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By Alicia Ouverson When creating or editing your profile on Dice, you can add links to your LinkedIn profile, Twitter feed, Facebook page and/or personal websites. To do this: Go into your active or inactive resume via the link in the My Resume section of your dashboard page, OR Hover over the MyDice link at the top of the page and click My Resumes in the dropdown menu, then click the Edit icon of the resume you wish to work… continue…

Zynga Layoffs to Hit 18 Percent of Workforce

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Zynga is planning to cut a whopping 18 percent of its workforce by August, the struggling social media game developer said Monday. The across-the-board cuts will hit “all functions” of the company and include closure of various office locations. Zynga expects to layoff approximately 520 employees worldwide and says the bulk of the cuts will occur by the end of the summer. “While our Farmville Franchise continues to perform well, other games are underperforming,” says Zynga, which has struggled to move… continue…

4 Ways to Stay Out of Trouble When You’re Multitasking

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Ever face an obnoxious co-worker texting during your killer presentation on your latest deep-dive data analysis? You’re likely not alone. It turns out that 64 percent of CIOs are encountering breaches in workplace etiquette because of cellphones, tablets and other mobile multitasking-enabling devices, up from 51 percent three years ago. The numbers come from Robert Half Technology. Though they make use more productive, mobile devices can also be a “round-the-clock distraction,” observed John Reed, a senior executive director with Robert… continue…

‘Future Perfect’ Sees Progress Through Peer Networks

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Long celebrated as one of the Internet’s deepest philosophical thinkers, Steven Johnson uses the publication of his eighth book, Future Perfect: The Case for Progress in a Networked Age, to make the case that a new model of political change is emerging, transforming every aspect of modern life along its way. Johnson is a huge fan of networks of all kinds, but especially distributed networks, the kind of decentralized peer-to-peer connections that pretty much define what the Internet is all about.… continue…