Small Business Tech Hires Strong Outside Silicon Valley

Technology hubs including New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Denver-Boulder, Colo., are outpacing Silicon Valley in hiring, according to the monthly TriNet SMBeat analysis of small-business hiring. Small businesses in technology showed net job growth of 1.38 percent in September, down from 1.52 percent in August. Despite the drop, that’s still better than the overall economy’s dip to 0.79 percent from 1.37 percent. While the analysis pegged net job growth in Silicon Valley at just 0.45 percent, Atlanta logged 3.31… continue…

3 Ways to Be Indispensible to Small Business

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Want to make your IT consultancy indispensable to a small business? Here are three key ways to make yourself the go-to consultant for the small company in need of your services. In my IT consulting work, I find that most startups and small businesses need help in these three key areas: Strategic planning Leading a critical or new strategic project Resource management As an experienced IT consultant, you have the confidence, experience and connections to make a huge difference in the… continue…

What Are Your 5 Biggest Online Privacy Worries?

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Let’s talk about this. An article posted on ITWorld earlier this month got me thinking about how small businesses have to deal with online privacy issues. According to ITWorld, their top five concerns include: The proliferation of cookies. Theft of cloud-based data through weak password controls. Being betrayed by the stored location data on cell phones and other mobile devices. Photo tags on social networks. Federal and police agencies scanning online services. Notice: None of these items include the words… continue…