Chinese Government Bans Windows 8

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Windows 8
The Chinese government has banned use of Windows 8, according to Reuters. Reuters reported that the official Xinhua news agency banned the operating system in the name of security and energy savings, although the latter’s bulletin didn’t explain how the ban would accomplish either of those aims. Microsoft declined to comment. Click here to find a Windows administration job. China is a heavy user of Windows XP, an aging operating system that Microsoft desperately wants its customer base to replace… continue…

Survey: Certifications Are Key to Security Salaries

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Businessman Handing Money
More than half — 58 percent – of cybersecurity professionals say that holding one or more information security certifications is the leading factor in a successful career, according to a survey by the SANS Institute. In addition, they believe certifications can add up to 5 percent to a security professional’s salary. At the same time, they say pay in the field hasn’t been especially dynamic. Indeed, despite high demand, salaries at the mid-level have largely stalled. Twenty-three percent of respondents… continue…

When a Data Breach Takes Your Job

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Almost six months after a hacker collective breached Target’s cyberdefenses and made off with millions of customers’ personal data, Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel has chosen to resign, effective immediately. Target’s lengthy official statement on the matter is full of those standard-issue statements that usually accompany an executive departure (“The board is deeply grateful to Gregg for his significant contributions and outstanding service,” and so on), except for the one portion that hints at Steinhafel assuming responsibility for the attack: “Most… continue…

IT Security Job Opportunities Growing in a Dangerous World

It’s a good time to be in the IT security business. At the height of the busy holiday shopping season, tens of millions of customers had their personal information stolen when a hacker collective managed to breach Target’s Point-of-Sale systems. Nor was Target alone: Neiman Marcus, Michael’s, and other retailers have reported sizable data thefts over the past several months. Click here to find IT security jobs. That spike in attacks has employers scrambling to find IT security experts capable… continue…

Windows XP Support Expiring: Don’t Freak Out

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Windows XP
It’s official: Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP. There’s just one little problem: millions of PCs continue to run the aging operating system. Businesses and schools around the world still rely on XP to drive daily computing, and don’t seem very interested in spending the time, money, and tears on a massive tech refresh. Indeed, Windows XP holds 27.69 percent of the PC operating-system market, according to the latest data from NetApplications—well behind Windows 7 at 48.77 percent, but… continue…

Changing Anti-Virus Models Spur New Hiring

Mobile Security
If you expect that increasing malware and security threats means increased hiring at companies that combat them, you’d be both right and wrong. Among the industry stalwarts — the likes of Microsoft, AVAST, Symantec and McAfee – some are hiring while others are letting people go. The reason is the dramatic changes impacting the industry. First, there’s the financial: A crop of new companies is benefiting from lower costs of entry and cloud-based setups. For example, San Jose, Calif.-based Malwarebytes… continue…

Twitter Stopped Encryption Project: Report

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According to The Verge, Twitter halted a project that would have cloaked direct messages and other non-public communications. continue…

Snowden Appears at TED Via Robot

The government whistleblower seems determined to keep a public profile despite his asylum in Russia. continue…

New Spy Chief: NSA Needs Better PR, Not Reform

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New NSA director Michael Rogers rejected suggestions by the Senate that his agency should cut back surveillance or submit to more oversight. continue…

7-Year-Old ‘Feature’ Makes WordPress an Ad Hoc Botnet

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Hackers exploiting the pingback feature in WordPress got 162,000 WP servers to DDOS another one. continue…