In Seattle: Amazon Expands, Microsoft Adapts

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What’s New This Quarter Should Microsoft leave Seattle and head for Silicon Valley? That was the provocative question raised by Peter Cohan in a February Forbes column. His theory: Microsoft can no longer innovate, and its best hope is to immerse itself in the feverish environment of the Valley. “The lack of competing opportunity for Microsoft’s talent spurs complacency by employees and management,” he wrote. Of course, Seattleites immediately fired back. “In my opinion, being outside the echo chamber of… continue…

In Seattle, Demand for Tech Workers is Insatiable

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Amazon Headquarters Plan
What’s New This Quarter Here’s an amazing stat: Amazon recently hired 12,800 employees bringing its headcount up to 109,800, compared with 81,400 a year ago. That means the company employs more people worldwide than Microsoft does and on any given day has thousands of additional job opportunities listed. (It’s not easy to get in the door, though. Applicants at Amazon’s Lab126 in Cupertino, Calif., which currently has more than 150 positions available, report eight-hour job interviews in front of nine different… continue…

Seattle Executives Optimistic About Tech Scene

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What’s New This Quarter Now that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has announced his upcoming resignation and penned a series of memos about the future of “One Microsoft,” pundits are speculating about what a 2014 Microsoft may look like, and not just because Nokia’s phone business is being brought into the fold. How many jobs could hang in the balance? Thousands could be at stake. (The company currently employs just under 100,000 people worldwide.) If you want to pursue a job… continue…

Seattle Real Estate Boom Seems Big, Job Growth Is Shallow

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Booming real estate might make you think Seattle would be a great place to build a career. But think again, before you move. Except for a handful of very large IT companies, the market for commercial space to house new hires isn’t as hot as it may seem. For example, the “giant tech bet” touted by Seattle-area promoters as a $2.3 billion economic bonanza may ultimately fail to come to fruition. In fact, the new Spring District in Bellevue, Wash.,… continue…

Tech Demand in Seattle Now Trumps Silicon Valley?

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Seattle-area employers advertised for more than 31,000 technology jobs during August, according to WANTED Analytics, which reports that demand in the Emerald City is growing faster than in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. The number of tech jobs grew 7 percent in August, compared with the same time last year and more than 160 percent compared with four years ago. Occupations cited as the most in demand in Seattle include: 1. Software developers (applications) 2. IT project managers 3. Web developers 4.… continue…

Twitter Sinks Roots in Seattle

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Twitter has leased 16,000 square feet in Seattle’s 30-story Century Tower in what’s described as its “first major office presence in the Seattle market.” Although the micro-blogging site has had staff in the Emerald City since its April 2010 acquisition of Cloudhopper, it’s contended itself with leasing space near Pike Place Market from a flex-workspace provider. If laid out in a fashion similar to other tech companies, the new office could provide space for 100 workers. The company hasn’t said… continue…

In Seattle, It’s All About Software Development

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What’s New This Quarter T.J. Doton, Managing Director of recruiting firm Randstad Technologies in Seattle/Bellevue, has some good news: Overall unemployment in the region has hit its lowest level since August 2008 — 4.7 percent, according to the Washington State Employment Security Department. Since IT has traditionally trended at nearly half of the overall rate, the tech sector is effectively at full employment. Some companies to watch: Local employment leader Amazon, which has won a $600 million contract from the… continue…

AMD ‘Seattle’ Adds High-Speed Interconnect to Non-x86 Processors

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AMD unveils its first non-x86-based server chip with high-speed interconnect. continue…

Google Expanding Kansas City Network Experiment

Google is expanding its high-speed broadband network in Kansas City, giving more neighborhoods access to big pipe for Big Data. continue…

Seattle Wants Google Fiber-Style Network

Seattle wants a high-speed broadband network of its very own, possibly inspired by Google Fiber. continue…