Would Phablets and Cheap iPhones Ruin Apple?

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Apple is reportedly considering “phablets” and cheap iPhones for its development slate. continue…

Apple vs. Samsung: It’s Thermonuclear War

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Baltimore Receives Thousands of New Jobs and Many are in IT
The ITC decision, which will ban older iPhone and iPad models from U.S. import, has elevated the conflict between the two tech titans to a whole new level. continue…

Motorola Building SkyNet Smartphone

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The Moto X device will reportedly be self-aware. Let’s hope it doesn’t seize control of some nukes. continue…

New York State Asks Apple, Google, Others to Tackle Smartphone Theft

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Rampant smartphone theft is a rising concern in cities. Will manufacturers and carriers submit to installing a device “kill switch”? continue…

Samsung Researching Brain Signals as Mobile Device Control

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Samsung is exploring the science-fiction concept of controlling a mobile device with the power of thought. continue…

Microsoft Considering a Smart Watch, Again

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A report suggests Microsoft is working with partners to build a touch-enabled “smart watch.” Better hope it performs better than Microsoft’s original attempt. continue…

Is Your Next Development Platform in the Kitchen?

Rosie the Robot
The Internet of Things is alive and growing. Household gadgets drop-shipped via UPS, appliances, and even cars are steadily joining mobile devices on the information superhighway (which, for those of you who don’t know, is what we called the Internet back in the day). Some connect to your smartphone for added functionality. All of this is well and good, and even reminiscent of our expectations for the year 2000 as predicted on the futurist TV show Beyond 2000. And it… continue…

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 vs. Apple’s Next iPhone: Battle Royale

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With the unveiling of the Galaxy S4, the pressure is on Apple to offer a major iPhone upgrade. continue…

Rooting and Quickening the Galaxy S III

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Samsung Galaxy S III
Back in November, I gave five reasons to stick with my first-gen Galaxy S phone. Now it’s nearly March and the worst has indeed happened: I cracked the screen on the old warhorse and it’s no longer usable. So today, I’ll share my experience with the current hot-rod, Samsung’s Galaxy S III. Rooting One of the main reasons I held out with my old phone for so long was rooting, which everybody knows can be quite a challenge. I’ve been… continue…

Samsung Adopts Tizen OS. Stay Calm

Samsung’s finally released its much-anticipated Tizen smartphone, a welcome development in a market dominated by just two operating systems, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Tizen’s goal is to create an open ecosystem that will be compatible with all mobile browsers. For developers, the OS offers an interesting challenge: It provides a flexible environment based on jQuery and jQuery Mobile, and its SDK will allow them to build applications by using HTML 5. As a result, experienced programmers should be able… continue…