Yep, Amazon Goofed on the Fire Phone

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Amazon Fire Phone
Amazon’s vice president of devices in Europe just admitted that the first generation of the company’s Fire Phone hasn’t performed well on the open market. “In an honest assessment of the Fire Phone, we’ve learned a lot on this one,” Jorrit Van der Meulen told the Guardian. “We’re undeterred, but we’re not immune to the criticism either.” Click here to find mobile-related jobs. In October, the online retailer announced a $170 million write-off stemming largely from the Fire Phone, which… continue…

Things Just Got Way Harder for the Next Pebble

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Wearable electronics, long the subject of considerable hype from the tech press, now seem on the verge of entering the mainstream. Samsung, Apple, Google, Motorola, and other tech giants all want consumers to strap a “smart watch” to their wrist; Google continues to push Google Glass, its augmented-reality headset; and Facebook bet $2 billion that Oculus Rift, its latest acquisition, can guide the future of virtual reality. Wearable electronics becoming the Next Big Thing could present loads of opportunities to… continue…

Apple’s iPhone 6: Last-Minute Rumor Roundup

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Apple iPhone
Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few weeks, chances are pretty good you’ve heard that Apple is hosting a little shindig tomorrow, where it’ll almost certainly unveil the new iPhone. Click here to find Apple-related jobs. What’s less clear—at least to anyone who doesn’t work at One Infinite Loop—is what the next iPhone will offer in terms of features. Let’s break down the latest rumors: Size: Of all the current rumors, this one seems all-but-confirmed: Apple… continue…

Google, Apple Want to Take Healthcare IT Mainstream

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Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 8.51.27 AM
At Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) earlier this month, CEO Tim Cook and other executives unveiled HealthKit, an app designed to consolidate health and fitness data within an iOS dashboard. HealthKit can list everything from cholesterol levels to calories burned, with an “emergency card” of contacts and pertinent data (blood type, etc.) accessible via the iOS lock screen. In theory, HealthKit will also have the ability to interact with apps from third-party developers, such as Nike’s FuelBand platform. Click here… continue…

Samsung Launches Streaming Radio Service

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Samsung goes head-to-head in yet another respect with its archrival Apple. continue…

Lenovo Wants to Crush Apple and Samsung

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OS X Lion
The company now has significant smartphone and IT-infrastructure divisions, thanks to a $5 billion spending spree. continue…

Why CES Is a Bad Scene for Startups

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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. continue…

Smartwatches Could Prove a Short-Term Dud

Uninspiring features and design could harm the nascent category. continue…

Apple Considering Plus-Size iPhone Screens: Report

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Apple’s next iPhones could feature larger screens with curved glass, according to Bloomberg. continue…

Samsung Launches Mobile Apps Exchange for Enterprise

Samsung Solutions Image
Samsung is aiming to give Android developers another reason to build their business or career around the technology titan’s mobility ecosystem. On Wednesday, Samsung Telecommunications America launched the Samsung Solution Exchange, which will house business-related apps created by Samsung and third-party developers. The company is aiming to bolster the ecosystem for its new line of Samsung for Enterprise (SAFE) devices. It also released its SAFE SDK to its exchange members, which includes more than 1,000 enterprise APIs. Samsung touts its… continue…