The Future of Robots: Soft, Flexible, Squeezable

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Otherlab Soft Robots
If someone asks you to picture a robot, the first image that probably comes to mind is the steel exoskeleton from “The Terminator” films, or one of those creepy mechanical “dogs” produced by Boston Robotics. But if teams of researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and other institutions succeed in their latest endeavors, the robots of the future could look very different: soft, squiggly, and flexible. Click here to find robotics jobs. “There are only maybe… continue…

iRobot Ava 500 Robot Upscales Virtual Presence

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Coupled with Cisco TelePresence, the $69,500 ‘bot is an alternative to being there in person. continue…

Today in DIY: Building a Robot Air-Hockey Table with Spare Parts

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High-end robotics DIY’er Jose Julio built a very competitive robotic air hockey game for his daughter, partially by cannibalizing parts of a 3D printer (which he also built). continue…

Pentagon Skunkworks Goes Open Source

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DARPA releases non-classified but often highly sophisticated apps for translation, data management, and visualization for community development. continue…

Google Robot Smokes Field in DARPA Competition

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A modified version of an existing model of robot from Japan’s Schaft, Inc. took top honors in the latest round of DARPA’s robot competition. continue…

Watch Out, Amazon: DHL Tests Drug-Delivery Drone

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DHL’s drone pilot test is very practical: its Paketkopter delivers orders to employees from a pharmacy across the Rhine in Bonn, Germany. continue…

‘Flying Jellyfish’ Could Spawn Micro Spy Drones

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Agile-but-tiny flies were the model for a new drone design that flaps its wings in asymmetrical fashion. continue…

Knife-Waving Grocery ‘Bot More Threatening Than Driverless Cars

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Autonomous vehicles are advanced enough for London commuters, but bagging groceries may prove more challenging for robots. continue…

Robot Ban? ‘Bots Can Drive Cars, Fly Planes, But Not Buy Tickets

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California bans online ticket-buying robots, while ignoring other markets skewed by comment-bots and fake reviews. continue…

This Robot Doesn’t Want to be Your Overlord

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Baxter the Robot
Boston-based Rethink Robotics may soon help smaller manufacturers take advantage of newer, friendlier mechanical colleagues. Until now, small- to medium-sized businesses have faced significant obstacles to robot use. Money, comes to mind. But with Baxter, its two-armed robot, Rethink may have overcome these obstacles. First, and most importantly, Baxter is capable of “learning” to perform through actions rather than code. To teach Baxter a task, a human worker guides it through the actions it has to perform. Another significant problem… continue…