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Does Anyone Want a BlackBerry ‘Classic’?

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For a long time, BlackBerry tried to compete with Apple’s iPhone on the latter’s terms, building a progression of touch-screen devices that never really seemed to hit with either businesses or consumers. Click here to find BlackBerry-related jobs. So now BlackBerry’s decided to retreat to the past: The new BlackBerry Classic is an unapologetic return to the form-factor that transformed the company into a mobile-device juggernaut for a few years. It features a physical QWERTY keyboard, a 3.5-inch screen, dual… continue…

Daily Tip: A Wrong Time for Right Decisions

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BlackBerry CEO John Chen has one of the most difficult jobs in tech: turning around a once-storied brand that’s spent the past couple years collapsing in slow motion. His comeback strategy has centered on BlackBerry’s core business customers, who prize features such as security and encryption over games or nifty camera features. If everything works as planned, BlackBerry will slowly claw back market-share from Apple and the many manufacturers of Google Android devices; the company is no longer betting that… continue…

BlackBerry Passport: Does Anyone Care?

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BlackBerry Passport
BlackBerry’s newest smartphone, the Passport, is defiantly retro: It features a hard keyboard, an element that virtually every other smartphone producer has discarded in favor of touch-screens. Click here to find BlackBerry-related jobs. That’s not the Passport’s only old-school detail: The device looks and works like something that BlackBerry might have produced back when it was still Research In Motion, including a 4.5-inch square display and a blocky, heavy body. But unlike the BlackBerry devices of old, which focused on… continue…

BlackBerry Opening Up to Third-Party MDM Platforms

BlackBerry 10
BlackBerry will now allow rival Mobile Device Management (MDM) services to support BlackBerry 10 devices. The move is a sea change for BlackBerry, which previously restricted other MDM companies from directly managing BlackBerry devices on their platforms. That was a strategy designed to protect BlackBerry’s own MDM platform, BES10; but as BlackBerry’s device market-share tumbled in recent years, and client companies increasingly gravitate toward third-party solutions for their IT infrastructure needs (IBM, Citrix, and Airwatch are just a few of… continue…

Another 80 BlackBerry Workers Get the Axe

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BlackBerry has cut another 80 workers in Waterloo, Ont., as part of its efforts to reduce global headcount by 4,500. The company told CBC News that “we are in a period of transition and we must focus on enhancing our financial results to be in a better position to compete in this current mobile environment.” The beleaguered mobile-phone maker will report third-quarter earnings on Dec. 20 and once again, they’re not expected to be pretty. The company has missed analysts’… continue…

Employees Have a Love/Hate Relationship With BlackBerry

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It comes as no surprise that life at Blackberry isn’t what it used to be, and employees aren’t being quiet about it. A lack of growth opportunities, a lack of stability and a general lack of fun are all taking their toll. “There aren’t many chances to grow internally,” wrote one current employee on, the anonymous employer reviews site. “The company does not retain its top talent. The company did not do a good job of marketing its products,… continue…

Can Chen Make a Miracle at BlackBerry?

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If a turnaround is possible at BlackBerry, John Chen, former CEO of enterprise mobility firm Sybase, is being touted as the man who can lead it. Indeed, he’s being called the type of leader the troubled smartphone vendor should have tapped when co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis stepped down in late 2011. On Monday, the company said a buyout by a consortium led by hedge fund Fairfax Financial Holdings isn’t happening. Instead, Fairfax is helping put together a $1… continue…

Tech Leaders Focus Recruiting on BlackBerry’s Workforce

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In Waterloo, Ontario, where struggling BlackBerry is still referred to as a “tech giant” by newspapers, the outlook for 4,500 laid-off workers may not be as grim as outsiders believe. The likes of Apple and Intel are lining up to meet with former BlackBerry engineers and programmers. Meanwhile, others — including Google’s Motorola Mobility unit and e-payments company Square – are opening offices near BlackBerry headquarters. In addition, growing Canadian companies like Shopify have already begun snatching up BlackBerry talent,… continue…

BlackBerry Sets Layoffs In Motion

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The layoffs BlackBerry announced less than a month ago have begun, with 300 employees at its Waterloo, Ontario, headquarters getting pink slips. “We are in a period of transition and we must focus on enhancing our financial results to be in a better position to compete in this current mobile environment,” the company said in a statement. After yet another dismal earnings report in September, the struggling smartphone maker said it will cut 4,500 employees – 40 percent of its… continue…

Why BlackBerry 10 Was Doomed From Day One

BlackBerry 10 is a polished operating system, but BlackBerry may have begun its production far too late. continue…