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BlackBerry Outage Day Three: Service Disruptions Expand

Research in Motion’s (RIM) service outage is spreading. The three-day disruption, previously affecting BlackBerry subscribers in the Middle East, Europe and Africa, is now being reported in North and South America. RIM, maker of BlackBerry smartphones, released a statement saying “BlackBerry subscribers in the Americas may be experiencing intermittent service delays this morning. We are working to resolve the situation as quickly as possible and we apologize to our customers for any inconvenience. We will provide a further update as… continue…

BlackBerry Outages Continue in Europe, Mideast, Africa

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Research In Motion (RIM) Ltd.’s BlackBerry service experienced outages today across Europe and other parts of the world. RIM reported yesterday that that it had addressed the issues that brought down browsing, roaming and instant messaging capabilities for some customers in Europe, the Mideast and Africa. But just hours later, carriers reported new outages today. In a statement, RIM confirmed the disriptions but did not report on the reason behind them. Source:

Developers Make More Money with BlackBerry than Android

The BlackBerry isn’t the darling of the mobile world anymore. RIM used to own the smartphone space. The device used to be “sexy.” To have one was really cool. Now — not so much. But are lack of coolness and limited press reasons to avoid developing for the BlackBerry? No, says Alec Saunders, Vice President of Developer Relations at RIM. There’s an untold story. Saunders says that, according to the Yankee Group, the BlackBerry app store is the second most… continue…

RIM Attempts to Bring Blackberry Relevance Back

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Android vs Blackberry
Two years ago, the folks at RIM may have been keeping an eye on the iPhone, but there was nothing else for them to worry about. Then came Google with its Android OS, and then came the Android smartphones, a trickle at first and then a flood. Today, Android phone sales lead the pack and iPhones are number two. But BlackBerry is clearly having a crisis moment. In fact, RIM has just announced a shakeup that will cut its workforce… continue…

Android & iOS Gain Market Share at RIM’s Expense

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Android & iOS
comScore says that one out of three Americans now owns a smartphone. In the three-month average period ending in May 2011, Android gained 5.1 points, reaffirming its position as the top platform with a 38.1 percent share. Apple’s iOS replaced RIM as the second most popular platform, gaining 1.4 points to 26.6 percent share. With a lost of 4.2 points, the BlackBerry maker is now ranked third, its share dropping from 28.9 to 24.7 percent in the three-month average period… continue…

RIM Employee Details Company’s Problem in Open Letter

Blackberry Bold
It’s an open secret that RIM is increasingly losing grounds in the smartphone market. Its mobile platform lost 4.6 points in a three months average comparison (September to November 2010 and December to February 2011), having its share drop from a dominant 33.5 percent to 28.9 percent. A “high-level RIM employee” knows exactly what went wrong. In an anonymous open letter, he pointed out that RIM lost focus on the two most important groups who determine the success of its… continue…

RIM Recalls Close To A Thousand BlackBerry PlayBooks

PlayBook (Updating Software)
Research In Motion has recalled more than 900 units of its BlackBerry PlayBook (16GB) tablets from Staples, according to an internal memo that made its way to Engadget. RIM cites a faulty OS build as the reason. According to a user with one of the faulty units, the user agreement fails to load, so there’s no way to accept it. Since the initial set-up can’t be completed without accepting the agreement, the tablet’s unusable. RIM responded with the following statement… continue…

Bold Touch 9900 and 9930 will feature NFC and BlackBerry 7 OS

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Blackberry Bold Touch 9930
The renowned Blackberry Bold smartphone family has just been given a feature packed update with the newest BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 smartphones both being powered by the Blackberry 7 OS. Even though the new update makes further changes and advancements to the phone, the core principles which made the Blackberry Torch so popular remain within the product. Almost all of the features seen in previous versions of the phone have been enhanced — for example, highly improved screen resolution. The most… continue…

BlackBerry PlayBook: A Symptom of Changing Times

RIM's Playbook
The arrival of the BlackBerry PlayBook earlier this month has caused much consternation among the CIOs, IT experts and BlackBerry users who’ve been eagerly awaiting it. All of a sudden everyone’s asking: What hath RIM wrought? There’s a lot going on here, and it’s not just about what’s right and wrong with the latest overhyped gadget. Things are changing quickly in the realm of smartphones and smart devices, and this closely watched product launch is just one symptom. To back… continue…

RIM’s Playbook Hits Shelves at Best Buy. But Why?

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RIM's Playbook
RIM’s release yesterday of the Playbook clearly laid out the company’s vulnerabilities. Caught between the consumer and the enterprise it appeared to go for both — and reached neither. Research in Motion is enterprise. It’s theirs to lose. And it’s theirs to defend. So why release the Playbook to Best Buy? So consumers can touch it, hold it and compare it side by side with the iPad. But no matter whether or not it’s better than the iPad, they won’t… continue…