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RIM’s Apple Store ‘Wake Up’ Flash Mob Was Just Silly

Wake Up
The Apple Store in Sydney was the scene of a mysterious protest last week, with people chanting and waving placards that read “wake up.” After Samsung, the number one suspect, denied any involvement, BlackBerry Make Research In Motion came forward. Surprise! The company that was once the leader of smartphones, which has failed to stop Apple and Android OEMs from eating away its market share, wants Apple’s customers to wake up. But wake up from what, exactly? It’s one thing… continue…

Resources for Aspiring Mobile Developers

How can I get started in mobile development? some users have asked me. To help, here’s a list of sites I’d recommend you check out. Mobile developers, do you have tips for the people who want to follow in your footsteps? Share them by posting a comment below. xda-developers These people root, unbox, and hack Android stuff before anybody else. Its forums are full of great information on techniques, tricks, tips, as well as tutorials. If you are going to… continue…

BYOD Will Hit Hardware Specialists the Hardest

Warnings about the consumerization of IT (COIT) and bring your own device (BYOD) trends generally conclude saying something like, “it’s coming, it’s unstoppable, it’s productive, and IT should prepare to handle this new trend.” But what does that mean? What jobs in IT are going to be impacted? In terms of COIT, the answer’s simple: All of them. Over the next few years, techs who work in mobile, security, compliance, applications and hardware will see their roles change. The ones… continue…

Chrysler’s Dodge Dart Will Add Wireless Charging

Chrysler Wireless Charging
Chrysler’s Mopar division has unveiled an interesting new feature that will be available with the 2013 Dodge Dart: wireless charging. The system is fitted in the center console, just below the center stack. It features a built- in charging grid that can charge your iPhone, BlackBerry, Android or compatible MP3 player – no cords required. Unfortunately there is a catch: Your device will need to be housed in a compatible case: For easy access, a seamlessly integrated power bin, measuring… continue…

RIM’s Reset and What It Means for Mobile Developers

BlackBerry 10
Research In Motion’s Blackberry has served the enterprise well over the last 15 years, providing secure, reliable two-way communication for business users. What do RIM’s challenges mean for mobile developers? Tell us in the comments below. But times are changing with Android and iOS devices sweeping through the consumer market. Suddenly, everybody has a smartphone with super easy-to-use voice, messaging, and Internet capabilities. Where RIM’s Blackberry niche was helping enterprise IT departments manage their devices, businesses are now challenged to… continue…

RIM to Release BlackBerry 10 Alpha to App Developers

BlackBerry 10
Research in Motion is preparing for tomorrow’s earnings announcement, which is widely expected to confirm Wall Street’s dismal expectations. RIM previously postponed its annual investor presentation – usually revealed during the Blackberry World in May — until it launches the BlackBerry 10 later this year. The new Blackberry is expected to use faster and more efficient chipsets, but will rely on the same OS used in the disappointing Playbook. RIM plans to give alpha versions of the BlackBerry 10 to attendees of Blackberry… continue…

BlackBerry PlayBook: A Sad Affair

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The BlackBerry Playbook is sad not because it sucks. Quite the contrary, actually. It’s sad because the PlayBook is so affordable, with hardware components that trump all its similarly priced competitors, and a platform that is better than Apple’s iOS in various ways. And yet, it didn’t sell well. What exactly went wrong? I was given a 16GB PlayBook for free for winning a silly game at a PlayBook OS 2.0 media event. And for the past few days, I have… continue…

Blackberry Playbook’s Better – But That Doesn’t Mean Good

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Blackberry Playbook
Blackberry’s Playbook 2.0′s generated lots of talk since it was unveiled, most of it saying, basically, “too little, too late.” Of all the reviews I’ve seen, I like best the one Lance Ulanoff posted at Mashable. It’s more measured than most, and gives the Blackberry the benefit of the doubt. Not that fairness is going to make RIM’s road any easier. I’m still trying to imagine the meeting where they decided to bridge the Blackberry with the Playbook, rather than… continue…

New BlackBerry PlayBook OS Offers Email

PlayBook OS 2.0
Owners of RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook can finally do email in a more proper manner, with the release of the PlayBook OS 2.0. The operating system update, which is available to all PlayBook users at no charge, has brought a score of new features to the under-loved tablet. The most anticipated one: native email and calendar application. RIM’s decision to not include both of these very important apps when it first released the PlayBook had resulted in a lot of negative… continue…

RIM Execs Step Down But Will a New CEO Be Enough?

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RIM Headquarters
Research in Motion’s co-CEOs, Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie, stepped down late Sunday, handing the reins of the troubled smartphone maker to Thorsten Heins, a former Siemens AG executive who joined the company four years ago. But analysts aren’t convinced the leadership switch will be enough to save RIM. The Telegraph quotes the tweet of Gartner vice president Carolina Milanesi: RIM’s CEO change reminds me of the Nokia Spring reshuffle before [current CEO Stephen] Elop was appointed in September. The… continue…