Sample Resume: Product Manager

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Brett B. Long 3 Any St. Seattle, WA 00000 / 555.1212 / Elite Product Manager and Strategist Creator and guardian of world-class customer experiences that delight CFOs and continually raise the bar on functionality, flow, consistency, usability and simplicity. Over five years’ experience managing the shopping cart and checkout products for a Fortune 500 e-tailer resulting in unparalleled growth in revenue and customers Own the development of the product strategy and vision supported by internal and external analysis Define… continue…

Sample Resume: Electronics Technician

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Sam WilsonElectronics Technician 385 Main St. Greensborough, N.C. ▪ 000.555.1212. ▪ Summary 5 years’ experience supporting engineers by setting up and maintaining electronics testing equipment and test benches reducing downtime by 15 percent. 3 years’ experience connecting RF paths and equipment according to diagrams, troubleshooting RF testing bench issues. 2 years’ experience wiring switch control cards for DC bias. 2 years’ experience tracking testing data, creating graphs and presentations. 4 years’ experience maintaining, repairing, testing and calibrating electronics equipment… continue…

Sample Resume: Help Desk Manager

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DION REYNOLDS 400 Main St., Princeton NJ 00000 | (000) 555.1212 | INNOVATIVE SERVICE DESK LEADER High-performing leader and manager with more than five years’ experience in computer operations and technical support and a passion for customer service. Five years providing tech support to thousands of global users, earning a reputation for productivity, complex problem resolution and professionalism. Three years managing a technically diverse staff through the delivery of a high level, consistent and responsive help desk services. Five… continue…

Sample Resume: IT Manager

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Catherine Banks, MBA 123 Main St. Ames IA 00000 ■ 000.555.1212 ■ IT DIRECTOR ■ IT MANAGER A driving force for corporate and technical transformations Technically proficient, business savvy leader and management professional, offering more than three years of bottom line savings including $2 million through vendor negotiations, $1 million in systems improvements and $2 million in human capital reductions while delivering hundreds of large-scale projects on time and on budget. “Catherine got our IT department back on track… continue…

What to Do When Recruiters Don’t Read Your Resume

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A recruiter calls you up about a Java job, iOS developer position or some other hot, hard to fill IT role. But as you talk, it becomes clear that they’ve given your resume little more than a cursory glance. Sadly you’ve gotten one of the six second resume scans that’s often performed by recruiters wading through a pile of resumes with little time to read each one. Of course, you’d hope that they’d spend a little more effort with the… continue…

Are Traditional Resumes Passé?

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Has social media eliminated the need for the traditional resume? The short answer: Not yet. Although a great majority of companies use platforms such as Twitter or LinkedIn to source candidates, 77 percent always ask for a resume before scheduling an interview and 19 percent request one most of the time, according to a survey by, a pre-employment testing and screening software firm located in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. To be sure, there’s less need for a paper resume nowadays,… continue…

Even Software Wizards’ Resumes Must Focus on Results

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Superhero Engineer
Tech startups continue lean on snazzy titles — guru, rock star, wizard or ninja – in job postings, though these titles might be a means to compensate for lower salaries and small staffs, according to U.K. job site AdZuna. “Startups are usually small companies, so workers are often jacks of all trades,” Gabriel Puliatti, AdZuna country manager for Canada, told the Financial Post. “These companies are trying to separate out the people who like working for smaller companies. They’re saying… continue…

When Do You Remove College Details From Your Resume?

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Whether you want to appear qualified for a large number of jobs maximize the chances of your resume getting past scanning software, listing every tech-related experience you’ve ever had can be tempting. But paring the list down to a carefully curated set can make your resume much more effective for landing a job. At a certain point, listing your college coursework just isn’t going to help you anymore — regardless of the job you’re applying for. Or that big award… continue…

Sample Resume: Chief Technology Officer

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William Lane 123 Easy St. Detroit, Mich. T: (000)555.1212 ■ C: (000)555.1212 ■ CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER Extensive experience in R&D, Product Development, Engineering and QC Dynamic leader known for jump-starting product development, resolving manufacturing issues and increasing revenues by 36 percent through the creation of award-winning designs and processes Areas of Expertise: • Budget Development and Cost Control • Product Design and  Development • Contract Negotiations • Strategic Technology Planning • Leadership and Supervision • Vendor Management • Process… continue…

Sample Resume: Applications Manager

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Tyrone 123 Main St. No. 102000.555.1212 Jackson, MS. Applications Manager A proactive, high-achieving manager of designs, development and implementation of software solutions, and a capable overseer of administration and support for dozens of business applications, yielding seismic improvements in stakeholder satisfaction and operating efficiencies. “Tyrone has the innate ability to anticipate and decipher users’ needs and the organizational skills to coordinate projects while supporting diverse applications,” — Gary Gray, IT Director, Southern Dept. Stores Qualifications Summary: Over five… continue…