Why Android Developers Ignore Recruiters

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Android developers are in sharp demand. How much demand? Some report receiving as many as a dozen job opportunities in a given month. While you’d think recruiters would be at the top of their pitching game when talking to such popular people, Android developers say many times their approaches fall flat. What’s a recruiter to do? Here’s what the developers say. Do Your Homework “If you look at my resume online, you’d see I’m really into [artificial intelligence] and data… continue…

How to Get Along With Recruiters

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Conflict may seem inevitable if you use a third-party recruiter to find work. When disagreements arise you can walk away, acquiesce, or use these techniques to resolve your differences. Establish the Ground Rules You’re less likely to hit an impasse if you discuss the rules of engagement before entering into a relationship with a recruiting firm. In assessing the fit, consider their selection process, reputation, employment agreements and how they match and submit candidates to job orders. If you object… continue…

2013 Looking Good for Data Analyst Hires

Hiring managers and recruiters have a greater need for data analysts, according to a new survey. continue…

Why HR Staffers Can Be Your Best Friends

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When you’re frustrated because you’re not getting offers for jobs you’re qualified for, it’s natural to look for someone to blame. Most often it’s the folks in HR who have the target on their back. But the truth is, HR doesn’t deserve the condescension, if not the fury, candidates direct at them. In fact, if you take a breath and develop relationships with them, they can become your greatest advocates. Related Stories on Dice Stop Picking on HR What Recruiters Bring… continue…

How to Leverage Your Engineers As Recruiters

Whether you’re a recruiter or not, you may have to eventually hire someone. To learn how engineers can help with the recruiting process, I attended a panel discussion entitled “Recruiting Hacks for Engineers” at the 2012 Silicon Valley Code Camp. The panel was moderated by Pete Soderling (@petesoder), g33ktalk and included Dan Arkind (@danarkind), Aki Taha (@akitaha), Persona and Jeff Winner, Cardspring.  Image: Engineers by Bigstock 

Stop Picking on HR

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I know, I know, it’s all HR’s fault. The fact that you didn’t get the job, I mean. You saw the posting and figured you’d be a good fit: After all, you have some of the experience the company’s looking for, you’ve worked in a related industry, and though you don’t know Ubuntu all that well, you know UNIX. So you send in your resume, anticipate setting up a phone interview and then…. Nothing happens. And that’s HR’s fault. When… continue…

What Recruiters Bring to the Table

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“Working with me, you skip the step where your resume is going to get lost in their system,” says Michael Lipschultz, Senior Recruiter of RockIT Recruiting, who uses Dice to reach out to talent whether they’re actively looking or not. At the Tech Career Expo in San Francisco, I asked Lipschultz about the advantages of working with a tech recruiter like himself. His answer: He’s essentially your advocate, and will work your application through the mine field to get you… continue…

Resumes, Hobos and Human Machines [Guest Column]

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Somewhere in the core of just about every technical professional’s brain is the desire to refer to themselves as a genius in their respective technology stack. Years ago I started seeing the emergence of words like “Evangelist,” “Guru,” “Torch Bearer,” and the like on resumes.   I get it and agree… you guys are brilliant and capable of incredible cutting-edge development in infrastructure and software. Each of your efforts support a vast array of non-technical personnel, essentially keeping life as we… continue…

Eight of Our Favorite Stories About Recruiters

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Recruiters: Some people love them, some people hate them, most people are probably ambivalent about them, but one thing’s for sure: They’re a fact of life. So, over the years we’ve posted a number of articles and videos about recruiters, how they think, and how you can approach them. Here they are, and if you have any additional thoughts about recruiters, be sure to post them in the comments below. How To Be a Candidate Recruiters Will Notice The Top Secrets… continue…

How Startups Can Use Recruiters, and Learn from the Process

How do recruiters think? What’s their motivation? Are some better than others? How do you know if you’ve got the best recruiter, who’ll offer you real help? These are just some of the questions Elaine Wherry, co-founder of the sharing service Meebo, had when hiring more engineering talent. She had hired 23 great engineers and wondered what kind of recruiter would be able to help her start-up hire more. In an effort to find a great recruiter, she created some… continue…