Recruiters Challenge Candidates on Social Media

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As employers increase their monitoring of social media websites, job seekers worry about how their search could be affected. And now there’s a new rub: While it’s not unusual for recruiters to request social media connections, some are demanding them as a condition of representing candidates. In this week’s Hangout, Dice News Associate Editor Dawn Kawamoto and Managing Editor Mark Feffer discuss what to do if a recruiter requires you to connect, and examine whether your social media behavior can… continue…

What to Do When Recruiters Don’t Read Your Resume

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A recruiter calls you up about a Java job, iOS developer position or some other hot, hard to fill IT role. But as you talk, it becomes clear that they’ve given your resume little more than a cursory glance. Sadly you’ve gotten one of the six second resume scans that’s often performed by recruiters wading through a pile of resumes with little time to read each one. Of course, you’d hope that they’d spend a little more effort with the… continue…

Some Recruiters Demand Social Network Connections

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Some recruiters are instructing job seekers to add them to their social networks if they want help finding work, but some candidates are pushing back. “One recruiter said that if I wanted the job, I had to add him to my social network,” recounts Benjamin Weiss, who’s been an Android developer for four years. “That was so arrogant. I already had a good job and I’m good at what I do, so why should I have to add him to… continue…

Big Data Job Openings Jump 13 Percent

Nearly 90,000 Big Data jobs were available during September, a 13 percent year-over-year increase, according to an analysis of online job postings by Wanted Analytics. Given the corporate world’s continually growing appetite for analytics and intelligence gleaned from the data it collects, it’s no surprise. Specifically, 88,000 jobs were open during the month. The industries with the biggest need for Big Data professionals were health and medical insurance carriers, colleges, universities and professional schools, business support services, computer systems design… continue…

How to Land a Job at

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Despite a recession that kicked off in late 2007 and lingered for a couple years,’s workforce has grown more than four fold since those dark, dark days. The Seattle-based Fortune 500 company, which began in July 1995, today has approximately 97,000 employees worldwide, many of whom are in technical roles. And the company is far from reining in its hiring. It currently has hundreds of job openings available in the U.S. from data engineers to hardware developers to software… continue…

How One Recruiter Hires for Digital Entertainment

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Alex Churchill can sum up his firm’s recruiting strategy in four words: “Go deep, not wide.” Churchill, founder and CEO of San Francisco-based VonChurch, overseas a five-year-old digital entertainment recruiting firm. Last year, over 51 percent of the people it placed at digital music, film, TV and video game companies were in engineering. In a recent interview with Dice News, Churchill discussed not only his firm but what job seekers need to know about working with recruiters and the view… continue…

Why Android Developers Ignore Recruiters

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Android developers are in sharp demand. How much demand? Some report receiving as many as a dozen job opportunities in a given month. While you’d think recruiters would be at the top of their pitching game when talking to such popular people, Android developers say many times their approaches fall flat. What’s a recruiter to do? Here’s what the developers say. Do Your Homework “If you look at my resume online, you’d see I’m really into [artificial intelligence] and data… continue…

How to Get Along With Recruiters

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Conflict may seem inevitable if you use a third-party recruiter to find work. When disagreements arise you can walk away, acquiesce, or use these techniques to resolve your differences. Establish the Ground Rules You’re less likely to hit an impasse if you discuss the rules of engagement before entering into a relationship with a recruiting firm. In assessing the fit, consider their selection process, reputation, employment agreements and how they match and submit candidates to job orders. If you object… continue…

2013 Looking Good for Data Analyst Hires

Hiring managers and recruiters have a greater need for data analysts, according to a new survey. continue…

Why HR Staffers Can Be Your Best Friends

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When you’re frustrated because you’re not getting offers for jobs you’re qualified for, it’s natural to look for someone to blame. Most often it’s the folks in HR who have the target on their back. But the truth is, HR doesn’t deserve the condescension, if not the fury, candidates direct at them. In fact, if you take a breath and develop relationships with them, they can become your greatest advocates. Related Stories on Dice Stop Picking on HR What Recruiters Bring… continue…