A Tenuous Future for Google Code?

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Google Code, the company’s project-hosting site for developers, could soon get the axe, reports InfoWorld. The “most obvious” reason why Google Code might be dumped is that it hasn’t added a new feature since 2011, InfoWorld notes, though there is also the rise of GitHub, which has accelerated the practice of coding as a “collective and social” endeavor — exactly what Google Code had set out to accomplish. Indeed, the last feature added to Google Code was the addition of… continue…

How Reactive Can Beat Conventional Procedural Programming

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In a post on Slashdot, Val Huber, CTO at Espresso Logic in Santa Clara, Calif., did a comparison of Reactive Programming to Java with Hibernate and MySQL triggers using a real-life business example. In the test, Reactive Programming surpassed conventional procedural programming models with a faster time to market, reduced maintenance, better quality and a higher level of transparency. Using a simple scenario involving customers with purchase orders consisting of line items, Huber compared what it takes to implement business… continue…

Generating Not-So-Random Numbers With Java’s Random Class

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All programming languages have random number generator classes or libraries, which produce sequences of random numbers. Those sequences are similar to pi in that they run on forever (well, sort of). As Harold explains to a class of bored teenagers in this Person of Interest clip, because pi runs forever (though so far only 10 trillion digits have been computed) every number or word that exists can be found within it. The same can be said of sequences of random… continue…

How Web Dev Firm Type/Code Got Its Start

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Brooklyn startup Type/Code describes itself as a studio of designers and developers who “invent, communicate, build and refine.” In this episode of DiceTV, we hear from the company’s founders and get an inside look at its culture and what it took to get started. The company’s big on “cutting-edge HTML, CSS and JavaScript” on the front end, and Python, Django and Tornado on the back.

Is GCC 4.8 a Quirky Mess?

Users have reported problems upgrading from GCC 4.7 to 4.8. Has the underlying code generation changed? continue…

Key Differences Between C# and Java

Java vs. C#
Any comparison of C# and Java’s language features will always be contentious. The parable about the three blind men describing an elephant illustrates the issue well —  no one developer has used or experienced all the features of the current C# or Java versions. I certainly haven’t. This comparison focuses on the ways Java 7 and C# 5 differ. Java 8 is scheduled to become generally available in March 2014 and C# 6.0 will likely appear sometime in 2014 as… continue…

Blocking Queues Beat Lists in Multithreaded Code

Microsoft .NET
In .NET, it’s quite common to store data in a generic List – a List<T> where T is some type such as an int or a class. In addition to its standard uses, a generic list can be implemented as a generic queue in place of a .NET Queue<T>, since a Queue<T> is just a specialized form of List<T> in which items are only added to the end of the list (Enqueue) and taken from the front of the list… continue…

How to Program for the Internet of Things

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Observers say that 2014 will be the year that the Internet of Things finally comes into its own. But how many more connections will we really see between the network and our refrigerators, house alarms or microwaves? Potentially a lot, and that could mean a range of new opportunities for developers. Dice Linux Talent Community Guide Rob Reilly and Linux Pundit Principal Analyst Bill Weinberg discuss what’s involved in writing a program for connected devices, and what kinds of skills… continue…

Transact-SQL Grows in Popularity

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People with Transact-SQL skills may find themselves increasingly popular. During 2013, those skills showed the most growth among programming languages on the TIOBE index. Transact-SQL is a key piece if interaction with Microsoft SQL Server, because all applications must send Transact-SQL statements to communicate with them. Although Transact-SQL posted the largest gain over the previous year when it comes to coders searching for programming languages, its increase was not a huge jump like other programming languages have seen in previous… continue…

Kaplan to Launch Ruby on Rails Boot Camp

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National education and training heavyweight Kaplan Test Prep has teamed up with thoughtbot, a consulting firm that makes Web and mobile apps, to launch a Ruby on Rails immersive boot camp called Metis. The companies are entering a nascent and burgeoning niche market to produce the kind of high-level development talent designed to fill jobs across the country. “The current disparity between supply and demand for developer talent … means fluency in coding and software languages is a much-needed capability in… continue…