Software Engineers Earn More at Smaller Companies

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Amid the frenzy to hire top software engineers, the top names don’t necessarily pay the top salaries, according to a new report from Glassdoor. The report is based on the self-reported salary data of more than 33,000 software engineers. Juniper Networks leads its list at $159,990 in base pay, with LinkedIn ($136,427), Yahoo ($130,312), Google ($127,143) and Twitter ($124,863) rounding out the top five. But Walmart, at No. 8 ($122,110), comes in ahead of reported salaries at Facebook, eBay, Amazon… continue…

Air Force Sweetens the Deal for Fighter Pilots

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Tech companies aren’t the only ones faced with retention problems: The Air Force is in the same boat. So, it’s offering fighter pilots an extra $25,000 per year for nine years if they sign up for its Aviator Retention Program by September 30. The service has about 3,000 fighter jocks right now, but warns of a potential shortage of 700 by 2021. It wants 130 pilots to take the deal. Some already have signed on. “Were it not for [the… continue…

6 Stories to Help You Find Better Pay

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With tech salaries rising to their highest level in a decade last year, it’s a good time to size up your marketability and maybe push your boss for a bit more money. But how? For starters, think location, location, location. What works in real estate can also play out when it comes to salary, since jobs in some metro areas yield better compensation than similar jobs in other locales. Surprisingly, Pittsburgh tech professionals reaped the largest percentage increase in pay… continue…

Planning for the Financial Impact of Your New Job

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By Brian Spero Technology employers continue to struggle to find the right people to fill open positions, which is a good thing for people who are looking for work. Those with the right set of skills and experience can find themselves weighing several offers at once, a notion that has more IT professionals weighing the possibility of jumping to new company. As they mull things over, though, many job seekers don’t pay nearly enough attention to the financial implications of… continue…

The Sweet Spot for Raises May Not Be Where You Think

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When it comes to salary increases, experience matters, but maybe not in the way you’d think. Last year, the average salary jumped 10.2 percent over the previous year for tech workers with three to five years of experience, according to Dice’s salary survey. Tech professionals with 15 or more years of experience received a 3.8 percent increase, to $103,012. While it stands to reason that higher salaries tend toward lower percentage increases from year to year, that doesn’t explain why… continue…

3 Billing Strategies for Consultants

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Generally, there are three ways you can bill a customer: Hourly, a set retainer rate paid weekly (or bi-weekly, or monthly), or a set retainer rate paid in advance (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly). Cat takes a look at each. See all of our stories about contracting and consulting here.

Recruiters See Continued Strength in Tech Job Offers

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Despite slowing somewhat, IT salaries continued to rise during the first quarter, in some cases pushed notably higher by a lack of professionals with the expertise needed to help businesses meet federal health-care mandates and varying business requirements. According to the PayScale Quarterly Index, the usual growth rate of IT pay of more than 1 percent per quarter stalled at just 0.2 percent during the first period of the year. In addition, overall wages in some tech-centric cities stalled or… continue…