Startups Outsource, Too

Have you ever called up customer service at Uber? How about at Tinder? Most likely, you haven’t. In fact, you probably couldn’t find a phone number for these companies’ customer-service departments if you tried; they go out of their way to solve all of your problems over email. While a quick, documented response is (sometimes) great for customers, it turns out it’s great for startups such as Uber and Tinder, too: Eliminating a customer-service number means these companies don’t need… continue…

More Jobs in Mobile Banking and Payments

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Mobile Banking
The rise in digital banking and mobile payments means security engineers, software developers, systems analysts, digital designers, mobile engineers and IT project managers should see an increasing number of opportunities. Though banks and mobile payments processors are hiring, the bulk of these positions are likely to come at IT vendors who are working for large and midsized banks. At the same time, a growing number of banking IT functions, especially ones that require quick ramp ups, are being outsourced. From… continue…

A Preview of Outsourcing Trends in 2014

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The coming year should find businesses looking for more ways to retain control over their IT services and processes, as well as cut costs, according to Computerworld’s “10 IT Outsourcing Trends to Watch in 2014.” General Motors cited that need when it brought innovation back in a massive three-year plan to move almost all of its IT services in-house. IT services experts cite three ways in which that trend is expected to continue: an increase in insourcing, a hybrid model combining… continue…

Closings, Mergers Threaten Hospital IT Jobs

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Health IT
IT workers at the nation’s hospitals are watching as healthcare’s shifting tides reshape how they do their jobs – and if they’ll be able to keep them. Hospitals are grappling with regulatory changes, shrinking Medicare reimbursements, HIPAA-related privacy and security issues and, more than anything else, significant budget cuts. In turn, IT personnel are facing layoffs, and some are rethinking how and where they work. Nowadays, the rate of hospital closures and acquisitions is rising. The Centers for Disease Control… continue…

Benjamin Moore Cuts, Outsources IT

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Benjamin Moore Logo
Paint manufacturer Benjamin Moore is laying off about half of its IT department — more than 50 people — as it outsources its technology operations to an unnamed India-based vendor, according to the New York Post. “They’re laying them off in waves in the spring, and they’re being forced [now] to train the people that are going to replace them,” a source told the Post. “This is the new culture.” The move comes as Montvale, N.J.-based Benjamin Moore freezes the… continue…

Cognizant to Hire 10,000 U.S. Tech Workers

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In what might be — at least in part — a bid to make nice with critics of its H-1B hiring, IT outsourcing company Cognizant Technology Solutions has announced plans to hire 10,000 workers in the U.S. over the next three years. The company is setting up its U.S. headquarters in College Station, Texas – home to Texas A&M University – and will donate $150,000 to the university’s effort to lure high school students into STEM careers. Its global headquarters… continue…

Food Lion Parent Outsourcing Some Tech Jobs to IBM

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Delhaize Thumbnail
Supermarket chain Food Lion’s parent company, Delhaize America, is outsourcing its data center operations to IBM, according to the Salisbury Post. A spokesperson for the company said that a total of 58 Delhaize employees will be affected — half in its Salisbury, North Carolina, headquarters and half in Scarborough, Maine. An internal memo said Delhaize is also considering outsourcing its network services, help desk, and desktop support functions by the end of 2013, but the company has not yet finalized… continue…

Survey Predicting 70% of IT Will Be Outsourced Misses the Point

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Fundamental shift is toward hybrid public/private, real/virtual infrastructure managed partly by IT, partly by business units. continue…

NE Utilities Confirms 200 Cuts, Lawmakers Balk

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After speculation and rumors of layoffs, a Northeast Utilities executive has finally confirmed that the utility is outsourcing half the work of its IT department, the Hartford Courant reported. David McHale, the company’s Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, told the paper that half of NU’s 400 IT employees in New England will be impacted. About 70 percent of the company’s IT employees are based in Connecticut, 25 percent in Massachusetts, and 5 percent in New Hampshire. In the… continue…

Northeast Utilities Said to Plan IT Outsourcing

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Employees at Northeast Utilities say the Connecticut utility is planning to streamline its information technology department and outsource hundreds of positions, according to the Hartford Courant. While the company wouldn’t confirm whether outsourcing plans are on the table, workers claim that NU could eliminate most of its about 400 IT jobs in New England, including 281 in Connecticut. It’s still not clear how much outsourced work would be sent overseas or to domestic locations. Four employees, speaking with the Courant… continue…