“Brain Age: Concentration Training” Tests Your Brain, and Patience

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This latest edition of the mental-stimulation gaming franchise lacks the charm of its predecessors. continue…

‘Street Fighter X Mega Man’: Meeting of the Old-School Titans

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A blast-from-the-past mashup that would be worth paying for (if it wasn’t free). continue…

Nintendo’s Wii U Breaks Out the Indie Games

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Nintendo’s Wii U offers a handful of indie game titles that take full advantage of the new platform’s capabilities. continue…

Nintendo’s New Design Points Wii Toward the Showers

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New Wii Box
Nintendo’s streamlining the Wii. Well, its box. And its price. And it’s severing support for GameCube and GameCube controllers. But most attention seems to be going toward the box. You’ll be able to place it horizontally now, instead of vertically. So you’ll have more surface for dust. And dust might be the operative word here. The move looks like Nintendo simply means  to keep its pipeline moving until the Wii U hits stores in 2012. Another tea leaf to read:… continue…

Playstation Vita Struggles Before Release

Sony Playstation Vita
Sony’s upcoming Playstation Vita’s been on the receiving end of a few wrenches lately that are making many wonder just how popular the system will be with gamers. The primary wrench comes from the growing popularity of games for smartphones and tablets like Angry Birds. They’ve cut into the market for specialized handheld systems. Angry Birds has been downloaded more than 200 million times, making it one of the fastest growing brands in video game history. And users don’t have… continue…

E3: Oops. Nintendo’s Wii U Demo Featured Xbox and Playstation Games

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Talk about uncomfortable. Nintendo admitted that it’s presentation of third-party games for the Wii U showed scenes from PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions, not those built for its own console. Says TechSpot: The Wii was never known as a graphics powerhouse so the company was eager to offer a glimpse at the graphical capabilities of its next console in a handful of upcoming games. As it turns out, however, the videos shown on stage were coming from PlayStation 3… continue…

E3: Nintendo’s Wii U Aims at Both Hardcore and Casual Gamers

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Nintendo showed off the Wii’s successor this morning, the Wii U, which will offer a “deeper and wider” experience meant to please both hard-core and casual gamers. During a session led by company CEO Saturo Iwata, the company also introduced a new Wii controller, which includes a 6.2 inch touch screen and may be, according to G4TV’s Stephen Johnson, “its most innovative feature.” The backward-compatible controller is wireless, about the size of a small tablet and has an accelerometer, gyroscope,… continue…

Nintendo’s E3 Plans (Goodbye, Wii) Are Shadowy But Very, Very Big

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Nintendo 3DS Concept
There’s a lot of buzz going on about Nintendo’s intentions at E3 next week. It seems sure the company’s going to unveil the Wii’s successor during its press conference Monday, but exactly what it’s going to be, how it will work or what it’s going to include? No one’s sure. Not that people aren’t stringing rumors together to see what they can come up with. I imagine the bars in Los Angeles will be busy Sunday night with a lot… continue…

Nintendo Looks Increasingly to Western Developers

Nintendo plans to use more Western developers to work on Nintendo IP. Company President Satoru Iwata told investors that it’s part of a plan to attract core audiences from around the world. He said the number of Japanese developers working on Nintendo’s games has become “relatively small.” “In addition, because the expressions in games are becoming more and more photo-realistic, I imagine that the cultural differences in acceptance have started to be reflected more clearly. I think this is the… continue…

Nintendo’s New Console’s Coming – But You’ll Have to Be Patient

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Project Cafe Controller
When Nintendo said it would cut the Wii’s price to around $150 a couple of weeks ago, game followers began speculating about what the company was up to. Now we know. The good news: A new console’s coming. The bad news: It’s not showing up until 2012. It doesn’t even have a name yet. But maybe we’ll hear what to call it during the planned product announcement at E3. IGN thinks the console will look something like this: It sounds… continue…