Stream Netflix on an 8-Bit Nintendo? Why Not.

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Every year, Netflix hosts an internal “hack day” for its developers, during which the latter come up with some crazy stuff using the company’s software tools and infrastructure. These projects, which will never see wide release, are an interesting (and often funny) showcase of Netflix’s collective engineering skills. This year’s special projects included BEEP, which, well, beeps (loudly) every time the user looks away from the screen; in the “Actually Something That Someone Might Use” category, another team built an… continue…

Should Game Developers Build Exclusives?

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Sony’s PlayStation 4 has beaten the Xbox One in sales for most of the past year, but Xbox fans don’t have to worry about their favorite hardware losing out on third-party games. Console makers try to differentiate themselves with exclusive titles, but market share isn’t the only—or even the primary—consideration for developers deciding which consoles to target. To find gaming-related jobs, click here. Not surprisingly, it comes down to money. Developers “don’t do exclusives because it’s a better console,” Wedbush… continue…

Amazon’s Double Helix Acquisition Hints at Gaming Console

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With Nintendo flagging, there’s room in the console ecosystem for a new, lower-priced competitor. continue…

Nintendo: Healthcare Provider?

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Nintendo may attempt to “gamify” healthcare as a way of expanding beyond its core business. continue…

Is Nintendo Doomed?

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In the wake of anemic Wii U sales and lowered revenue, Nintendo is reportedly considering a move to “smart devices.” continue…

Can Nintendo Survive in a Smartphone World?

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Nintendo’s most difficult challenge yet is just staying relevant. continue…

Nintendo Chief Decries Layoffs in Tough Times

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Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said that he doesn’t believe in laying off employees during times of economic difficulty, reports RocketNews24. Speaking during a Q&A session at the company’s shareholder meeting, Iwata said that while there are times when a company might need to shed employees, he’s not a fan of the approach. He pointed to the profit and loss cycles common in the gaming industry, and added that it might be easy to believe that staff reductions could boost the… continue…

The Cloud Is Killing Nintendo’s Handheld Dreams

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Gaming on Android and iOS is eating into the market-share of dedicated game devices such as the new Nintendo 2DS. continue…

Can Nintendo Win E3 Without A Press Conference?

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By Scott Bowers Last month, Nintendo surprised everyone with the news that they would not hold one of the traditional giant press conferences at E3. For many years the game industry’s major players have staged their own events, usually just before the show opens, to gloat about sales figures and to hype their upcoming products. While Sony unwraps more details about Playstation 4 and Microsoft showcases the new Xbox, Nintendo is struggling against difficult and evolving market conditions. More and… continue…

AMD’s Future Lies in… Game Consoles?

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Design wins in the next-gen Sony, Nintendo game consoles could provide recurring revenue. But where is the data center in all this? continue…