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Kodak Had Nuclear Reactor; Forgot to Tell City

Kodak may be a sinking ship, but apparently it’s a nuclear sinking ship. Or was. For more than 30 years the company kept a small reactor running in its basement in Rochester, N.Y., used for research and powered by 3.5 pounds of uranium. And not just any uranium, but highly enriched uranium. The kind they make bombs from. Kodak took precautions — the reactor was locked away in a concrete-and-steel bunker that was closely monitored. It never leaked, and though… continue…

Good Prospects for Software Developers [DiceTV]

­Good news for software developers: Your job prospects should grow through at least 2020… New York is becoming a tech job hotbed… and in-memory databases are reaching a tipping point… All on this week’s DiceTV.

New York’s Tech Bubble Ain’t Going To Pop, Find Out Why

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Remember the crash and burn days of early 2000, when anything tech seemed to get sucked down the proverbial toilet bowl? Well, New Yorkers are tough and so is its tech scene, according to a recent report by a New York think tank called The Center for An Urban Future. The report, New Tech City, contends that technology is a sector that serves as a foundation to the city. But more importantly, the authors of the report go so far as to… continue…

New York Is the Nation’s Fastest Growing Tech Hub

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New York
New York City has become the fastest growing tech sector in the country.  Thousands of tech jobs have been added in New York City over the past few years, according to a new report by the Center for an Urban Future. Since 2007, tech-related jobs in New York have increased by 28.7 percent from 41,100 to 52,900. And it would grow even more if enough engineering talent were available. The study finds that New York tech startups are now more… continue…

eBay, Microsoft Join R&D Rush in New York

New York
eBay will add 200 developers, data scientists and statisticians in New York as it ramps up a new research and development center focused on big data and improving eBay’s recommendations technology. New York or Silicon Valley? Which do you think is a more preferable place to work? Why? Share your thoughts below.  The office at 625 6th Ave. in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood will open this fall and will be headed by Chris Dixon, founder of Hunch, which eBay bought in… continue…

Pentagon Designation Boosts Nanotechnology in N.Y. State

Department of Defense
A Pentagon designation of a nanotechnology center in New York State could bring up to 1,000 jobs to the Rochester area in the next three to five years. The STC Center in Canandaigua has been named a “trusted foundry” by the Defense Department. With so much chip manufacturing being done offshore, the Pentagon is concerned about security and established a process for ensuring “trust” in the creation and manufacturing of new systems. The designation allows the center to work on projects… continue…

Silicon Valley’s Startup Strength by the Numbers

Entrepreneurs Bjoern Herrmann and Max Marmer have taken a comprehensive, data-driven dive into what makes tech startups successful. By collecting information from 16,000 startups and running analysis on their local environments, they’ve attempted to figure out how (and at what rate) the world’s top entrepreneurial hubs are evolving, and which are leading the way. How’s the startup ecosystem in your neck of the woods? Tell us by posting a comment below. Herrmann and Marmer uncovered numerous insights into the strengths… continue…

New York Game Companies Seek Programmers

New York City
New York’s game sector is growing, though certainly more slowly than the area’s boosters would like to see. Though both the city and game companies want to build up the sector, they’re challenged by a lack of programmers and few tax breaks in an area where it’s notoriously expensive to set up shop. Since many game firms are startups, those hurdles can be especially difficult to clear. The entire state’s video game sector represents just 5 percent of the industry’s… continue…

Wall Street IT Losing Pros to Startups, Consultants

Exit Sign
Wall Street IT jobs don’t hold the allure that they once did for smart technologists. Though the pay can be great, the pressure and lifestyle can be killing, with long hours, tight deadlines and high stakes the norm. Now, with more opportunities appearing in other industries and business pressures making their positions less secure, many of the Street’s tech professionals are looking for better opportunities elsewhere, according to Wall Street & Technology. Which is more important — big money or… continue…

Goldman Sachs Tech Staff In Flux

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Goldman Sachs is conducting its annual staff review, and a number of IT jobs could be in jeopardy, Reuters says. Each year, the company dismisses employees who miss their performance goals or whose jobs can be done less expensively, either through technology or cheaper hires. That puts IT in a good news/bad news situation, since new technology is going to need implementation and support. On the other hand, trimming in other departments is sure to impact some tech employees as… continue…