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Americans Upbeat on Future Tech, But Still Dislike Drones

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Future Tech 50 Year Predictions
Americans are optimistic about future technology, according to new data from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, even if some of that technology freaks them out. Some 66 percent of those surveyed by the Pew Research Center believed that altering their children’s DNA “to produce smarter, healthier, or more athletic offspring” would represent a change for the worse. Majorities seemed similarly reluctant to embrace lifelike robots taking care of their aging parents, personal and commercial drones running… continue…

Should Silicon Valley Secede, Or Just Leave?

Secession is a popular topic in Texas, parts of Colorado and a rural area of northern California and Oregon that calls itself the “State of Jefferson.” But now the idea of breaking away has come up in an unlikely place: Silicon Valley. Yes, we’re talking about seceding from the U.S. Some call it “the ultimate exit strategy.” Such a move – support for which seems somewhere between “serious but not really” and pure fantasy – could separate technologists from their… continue…

New Browser Plugin Blocks Ad Targeting

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Each and every thing we look up online leaves a cookie trail — which advertisers then use to target us with relevant ads. But thanks to a new browser plugin and game by a Parsons grad student, advertisers may not have it so easy anymore. Here’s Cat with the details.  

Is Nuclear Power the Fix to Global Warming?

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While President Obama has put climate change back on the national agenda, the likelihood of significant action is low. Earth continues its resolute march toward global warming, the results of which continue to be born out in every storm, drought and species die-off. A chorus of experts has offered up everything from energy credits, carbon caps, taxes and social engineering to address the crisis, but so far we’ve only continued to shove our heads further into the increasingly hot sand.… continue…

How a Small Computer Brings Down Big Game

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Everybody remembers the ubiquitous TiVo set-top DVR boxes. They stored your favorite shows for future viewing — and were prime targets for exploration and hacking. Still, they were cool and interesting. They’re also an example of small-footprint computers, many of which are Linux-based, that continue to march into our everyday lives. Developers: You’d better get ready for the next wave. These devices are showing up in devices that do way more than sit on top of your entertainment center. For… continue…

Microsoft’s Xbox Studios: Old School or New?

Microsoft Xbox Metro Dashboard
As Microsoft ramps up its Los Angeles-based Xbox Entertainment Studios, you have to wonder whether its goal is to bring innovative platforms to old-school media, or old-school media to innovative platforms. If the top-down hiring is any indication, it may be the latter. Yusuf Mehdl, senior vice president of Redmond’s interactive entertainment business, says that Xbox users are more interested in videos and music than those who play with other Internet-related consoles. In that context, hiring Nancy Tellem last September as… continue…

Why Developers Should Pay More Attention to Smart TVs

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Amidst all the hype about the stunning features and dynamic technology behind rapidly evolving Smart TVs, one thing seems forgotten: Its ecosystem won’t grow itself. If they want their products to truly succeed, then Panasonic, LG, Samsung and other manufacturers need to do more for developers. UltraHD(4K) is the New 3D The field is fast-paced. FullHD and 3D are already dropping behind UltraHD, which offers four times the resolution of FullHD with technology is similar to Retina Displays, boosting the… continue…

Tactus Adds On-Demand Buttons to Touchscreens

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If you’re not impressed by what’s been going on — or not going on — with smartphone technology over the past few years, good news: It looks like the days of incremental devie upgrades are numbered. More consumers seem to think that faster processors, thinner chassis, bigger screens and better camera just don’ it. And, yes, I’m looking at you, Apple. But a touchscreen with on-demand physical buttons? Oh yes, please. At CES 2013, California-based Tactus showed off an invention… continue…

New Engine Could Fly London to Sydney in 4.5 Hours

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Rocket Plane
The British company Reaction Engines is working on an engine technology that could make air travel faster–much faster. You can’t accuse the developers of false modesty: They call their Sabre engine “the biggest breakthrough in propulsion since the jet engine.” If it manages to do everything that it’s been designed to do, they could turn out to be right. The magic in the Sabre comes from a compressed helium cooling system that’s able to cool air entering the engine from… continue…

These Scientists Will be Ready for Skynet

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Could Artificial Intelligence (AI) end up dooming the world? Granted, some of its most visible examples–like Apple’s Siri and various automated online assistants–have trouble finding everything from movie times to customer service phone numbers. That makes you wonder how effective AI would be trying to track down the deep bunker of a head of state. Don’t get blase. Slashdot’s Nick Kolakowski writes: But as those systems increase in sophistication, and their amount of stored data accumulates to gargantuan proportions, a… continue…