8 Interview Questions for Cisco Network Engineers

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When interviewing for a job as a Cisco Network Engineer, come armed with compelling stories of how your networking saved the day – or didn’t. It’s OK to talk about efforts that didn’t turn out so well, as long as you describe what you learned along the way. To many hiring managers, the learning is the key. The Cisco certification is designed to demonstrate that you can plan, implement, verify  and troubleshoot local and wide area enterprise networks. Interviewers want… continue…

Sidera, Lightower To Merge in $2 Billion Deal

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Berkshire Partners will combine the fiber providers into an expansive network. continue…

Seattle Wants Google Fiber-Style Network

Seattle wants a high-speed broadband network of its very own, possibly inspired by Google Fiber. continue…

UPDATED: Google Doesn’t Buy Wi-Fi Provider ICOA for $400 Million

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According to an apparently fake press release, Google had acquired Wi-Fi provider ICOA for $400 million. continue…

In-Demand Techs Are Getting Picky About Their Jobs

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Cat Miller
With the IT unemployment rate running about half that of the the overall economy, tech workers who have the most needed skills have decided that it’s time to pick and choose who they work for. Related Links on Dice Tech Rock Stars Increasingly Picky With Job Offers Tech Jobs Edge Up for Third Straight Month Jobs Report Tells a Better Story for the Tech Sector

Working With IT Networks: The Basics

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Cat Miller
The level of expertise IT network professionals need depends on the type of network they work with and its complexity level. When you connect multiple computers to a network, you’ve formed a LAN, but once the LAN is connected to a WAN, a network specialist will need a different skill set since WANs involve different routers and higher bandwidth performance levels. Want the details? I’ve got ‘em.

RackSpace Takes on Amazon with Block Storage

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Rackspace’s OpenStack-powered service promises simplified pricing with no IOPS limits. continue…

Target Small Firms for Entry-Level Networking Jobs

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Green Network
People who want to break into networking face the classic conundrum for job seekers: How do you get a job without experience? Or, perhaps more frustrating, what if you have a bit of experience but are competing against candidates with recognized certifications like Cisco’s Certified Network Associate? Is it impossible? No. You can find a job even without experience or credentials, especially if you look at small companies, where IT staff wear many hats. “One of the reasons I see… continue…

Consumer Cloud Pushes Data, Programming and Networking Skills

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Consumer demand for cloud services from folks like Amazon, Apple and Google is driving the creation of new companies and increasing demand for professionals with a variety of skills, from data warehouse decision support and big data technologies, to C and Linux network applications. Since total cloud computing is projected to be a $241 billion business by 2020, it’s a safe bet that you’ll need to learn how to apply your skills, or develop them, to create and maintains its… continue…

Power Pwn Monitors Network Security… and Secretly

The device in the picture might look like a surge protector, but it isn’t. It’s a $1,295 security device called the Power Pwn, which was put together by Vermont-based Pwnie Express, with a little financial assistance from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The Power Pwn contains hidden Bluetooth and Wi-Fi adapters, along with a range of hacking and remote access tools. It’s designed to allow network administrators to remotely test network security, without arousing any suspicions. Pwnie Express has… continue…