Study Confirms Quantum Computers are Actually Quantum

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How do you confirm uncertainty? continue…

Migration to WLAN Draws Customer “Mehs”

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Dimension Data estimates WLANs could help cut the cost of enterprise nets, but customers largely ignore recommendations to go their own way. continue…

Cisco Buys Ability to Virtualize Data Networks

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Composite Software’s assets will offer Cisco a central point of contact for data, network information. continue…

“Small Cells” May Offload Data to Ease Data Centers

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PMC Sierra’s CEO says that “small cell” cellular points are asking for flash memory. continue…

Netgear Contest Pushes Connected Appliance Apps

Samsung T9000
Netgear’s launched an app-development contest meant to encourage developers to create solutions for connected homes and businesses, and to join its Smart Network Developer Program. The winning developer will get $10,000, but of course all participants will be encouraged to market their apps through the Netgear genie+ marketplace. The company wants to offer consumers more options for interacting with connected devices, like refrigerators and other appliances, which are increasingly seen as potential development platforms. Cedar Milazzo, the company’s vice president… continue…

Mashery Acquisition Continues Intel’s Diversification

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Intel is purchasing the API technology firm for an undisclosed sum, according to new reports. continue…

F5 Preannouncement Worries Analysts

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F5 Networks pre-announces lower revenues, worrying some that the application delivery controller network may be in decline. continue…

Keep Track of Your Network With Fing

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Fing is a mobile app that helps you keep an eye on your networks. I run a couple of headless Linux machines on my network, and Fing makes it easy to make sure they’re running correctly. I also have a bunch of WiFi devices that come and go (kids’ phones, tablets, guest devices, etc.). Fing covers those, too. The app’s main discovery screen lists each node and its hardware address in ascending order. It also shows the type of network… continue…

Cloud Backfire: SimCity’s Disastrous Launch

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SimCity’s server issues demonstrate the perils of not anticipating load on cloud infrastructure. continue…

8 Interview Questions for Cisco Network Engineers

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When interviewing for a job as a Cisco Network Engineer, come armed with compelling stories of how your networking saved the day – or didn’t. It’s OK to talk about efforts that didn’t turn out so well, as long as you describe what you learned along the way. To many hiring managers, the learning is the key. The Cisco certification is designed to demonstrate that you can plan, implement, verify  and troubleshoot local and wide area enterprise networks. Interviewers want… continue…