Let Your Alumni Network Boost Your Job Hunt

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Alumni networks can provide an instant connection to a wide range of professionals and are a great resource for networking. They offer an opportunity to connect to top executives and key professionals in your field, who you may not otherwise have an opportunity to connect with. And alumni have been known to give job seekers a big leg up in their job search. Are you taking advantage of your alma mater to its fullest potential? If not, here are some… continue…

All Tech Companies are Suspected Cyber-Spies, Huawei Exec Warns

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Huawei is still not a spy, exec says, insisting that NSA scandal shows Verizon, Google, other U.S. IT firms are also suspect. continue…

Enterprises Look to SDN Benefits That Could Save Telcos Billions

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The same benefits that could save telecos billions of dollars in wireless network expansions could save millions for enterprises. continue…

DoD Fights For a Datacenter Network It Can Defend

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Effort to integrate networks, datacenters called the biggest IT overhaul in U.S. military history. continue…

How to Build Your Professional Network

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Networking is about more than handing out your business cards. This week, let’s look at the best ways you can build and maintain the relationships that will turn into your professional network — even if you hate networking.  

Scale IO Could Help EMC Make Up Ground In Flash

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Acquiring Scale IO could help EMC pitch customers who buy their flash elsewhere. continue…

Michael Dell: Hardware Industry Must Adapt or Die

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Michael Dell argues that his company, at least, should sell software and services as the coming of the post-PC era erodes hardware sales. continue…

Networking: More About Quality Than Quantity

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Networking may instill fear in introverted IT professionals, but to score big on your job hunt, it’s just one of those things that you’ve got to do. But for those who tend to be gun-shy in schmoozing your way to a job, recent survey results from recruiting firm Robert Half Technology offer some comforting figures. For starters, the majority of IT workers surveyed by the company say the quality of their professional network is “very important” to their overall success.… continue…

Intel Announces New SDN Designs, Healthy Earnings

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As Intel reports decent earnings, SDN may be a ticket to continued growth. continue…

Dell Debuts Active Fabric

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Dell’s SDN-ready fabric infrastructure is optimized for the “east-west” traffic that executives say characterizes modern data centers. continue…