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Citi Bike Spurs New Mobile Opportunities

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With the recent debut of New York’s Citi Bike, a new opportunity’s arisen: Bike tech. Cat shows off some of the earliest tech toys developed around the bike sharing system — and discusses new possibilities for developers.  

How Mobile Apps Torture Business Developers

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More and more organizations build mobile apps, but that isn’t making the development process any easier. continue…

Vine Branches Out to Android

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Vine is offering its popular video mobile app on Android, branching out from its iOS base where it’s grown from 13 million users in a year. Vine, which made the announcement Monday, has not only gained traction since Twitter acquired it in October – five months after it was founded by Dom Hofmann and Rus Yusupov, but it’s hitting the sweetspot of pre-teens. With Vine, Twitter is able to reach into the mindset of tweens, a group who tend to… continue…

How Android Helps Avoid Awkward Social Questions

Cat Iceland Family Tree
Iceland’s population is part of a rather close family tree, which can make for some awkward social situations. While most people are likely to know whether they’re first cousins, there are always surprises, i.e., attending a family event and running into someone they’d hooked up with at some point in once-blissful ignorance. But now there’s a solution: An app. Specifically, the Islendiga-App. Cat explains.

Pure Android Collection: An App Promotional Powerhouse

Introduced in October 2012, the Pure Android Collection on Google Play is an exclusive group of apps deemed worthy by Google’s Android Development & Design Teams. This group of apps is so exclusive only two have been accepted since the program’s inception last year. (Watch this episode of The App Clinic, where the collection is introduced to learn more about the criteria for selection.) “These apps represent examples that follow the Android design guidelines and coding best practices to create… continue…

Iceland: This App Will Keep You From Dating Your Cousin

Winter Couple
“She’s my sister. She’s my daughter. My sister. My daughter. She’s my sister AND my daughter.” Those classic lines from Chinatown, uttered by Faye Dunaway’s character Evelyn Mulwray, have been oft parodied since the film’s 1974 release, but who’d think that one day there would actually be an app to prevent such awkward familial relationships from occurring? There is in Iceland, where “bump the app before you bump in bed” may become the catch phrase for a generation who really… continue…

Should You Build Your Product on a Proprietary Platform?

Oil Drilling Platform
A potential client of mine had a great idea: They were going to build the next great product (let’s call it WidgetFoo), and it was going to be social for enterprise. So, we sat down to have a high level architecture discussion. How were we going to build this thing? Before I go further, let me say for the record: No, the product’s not a widget, but since they’re in the middle of building it right now, I can’t actually… continue…

Microsoft’s App Incentive Won’t Excite Many Developers

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Is Microsoft’s incentive program for app developers a sign of desperation? The software giant’s offering developers $100 for each app published in the Windows and Windows Phone stores. The cash is limited to $1,000 per store. It’s part of a campaign to take a bigger share of the market that’s overwhelmingly dominated by Apple and Google. By some estimates, there could be as many as 800,000 apps out there, but not many of them are built for Windows. There are… continue…

Keep Track of Your Network With Fing

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Fing is a mobile app that helps you keep an eye on your networks. I run a couple of headless Linux machines on my network, and Fing makes it easy to make sure they’re running correctly. I also have a bunch of WiFi devices that come and go (kids’ phones, tablets, guest devices, etc.). Fing covers those, too. The app’s main discovery screen lists each node and its hardware address in ascending order. It also shows the type of network… continue…

Use Android to Control Your LibreOffice Presentation

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I’m a big fan of LibreOffice Impress and am excited about its recently released version 4.0.0. I make frequent presentations, use Linux exclusively, and own a new Galaxy S III Android phone, so the new Android Remote feature certainly caught my eye. It lets you use the volume rocker on your Android device to page through LibreOffice slides that you’re projecting from a Linux notebook. Working through Bluetooth by default, the app also runs over WiFi. Since conference venues frequently have… continue…