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Women Who Code to Hold First Hackathon

The meetup group Women Who Code will hold its first hackathon beginning Dec. 5 in San Francisco. Though the group is usually reserved for “people who identify as female – queer and transgender friendly,” the hackathon, which is being held in collaboration with Chime for Change and Twitter, is open to all. Participants in the event – dubbed “ChimeHack” — will focus on creating a mobile app designed to support women and girls. The event will kickoff at Twitter’s headquarters… continue…

Enterprise App Store is Latest Effort to Control Mobile Users

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Many in IT like enterprise app stores as a way to control mobile apps, not make them more effective. continue…

Backend as a Service is Burgeoning

Anyone doubting the viability of Backend as a Service (BaaS) only needs to look at Facebook’s acquisition of this year and the growth of BaaS over the past eight years. Facebook’s acquisition of, for example, allows the social media giant to provide their own backend services for games and applications. Close integration of Parse with the Facebook platform should lead to reduced server latency and greater responsiveness. has been described as both BaaS and XaaS (Everything as a Service).… continue…

Samsung Launches Mobile Apps Exchange for Enterprise

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Samsung is aiming to give Android developers another reason to build their business or career around the technology titan’s mobility ecosystem. On Wednesday, Samsung Telecommunications America launched the Samsung Solution Exchange, which will house business-related apps created by Samsung and third-party developers. The company is aiming to bolster the ecosystem for its new line of Samsung for Enterprise (SAFE) devices. It also released its SAFE SDK to its exchange members, which includes more than 1,000 enterprise APIs. Samsung touts its… continue…

Square’s New York State of Mind for Hiring

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Square, the hot mobile payments company founded by Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey, is on a hiring binge, according to USA Today. The company, which employed 300 a year ago, now employs 600 and is building a San Francisco headquarters for 1,000, with room for more. And Square is looking east for new hires, too. The newspaper shadowed Dorsey around New York City earlier this week, including a recruiting trip to Columbia University, where he pitched Square to several hundred students.… continue…

Google Play for Education Opens New Dev Market

Developing apps for children is decidedly tough, but not impossible. Increasingly, schools are bringing technology into every classroom. BYOD programs allow children to bring devices into school for the purpose of participating in classroom lessons. District-wide tablet purchasing programs bring touchscreen devices to every child. While Apple was always considered the top choice for these programs, Google has joined the race by creating a suite of tools and hardware to meet the needs of school districts large and small. With… continue…

Protecting Logins with a Second Authentication Factor

Two-factor authentication is catching on for a variety of consumer Web services. For those of you not in the know, this isn’t all that new. Years ago, various computer vendors set out to improve things with hardware-based two-factor authentication: Something uniquely in your possession that would generate a one-time code to work with a security appliance and better secure your logins. RSA made millions in this market, and over the years these tokens have been used by millions of users.… continue…

Arduino Programming With a Transformer Prime Tablet

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The Arduino is a popular micro-controller platform that do-it-yourselfers use in all kinds of portable, embedded projects. I’ve used them for a few years and have always sought ways to make them more versatile and easier to use. Sadly, it’s a pain to lug around a notebook to program the darned things. Life may have just become more pleasant. ArduinoDroid lets you program the Arduino using a Transformer Prime tablet. The program has been out a couple of months, so… continue…

How Mobile App Developers Can Find 5 Billion Users

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Speak Swahili, Bengali or Amharic? If you’re an app developer looking to launch your career on the currency of potentially 5 billion more Internet users should Facebook and successfully connect the world to the Net, then it may be time to pick up a few new languages and become familiar with the local issues in developing countries. After all, a number of industry titans are betting on emerging markets creating the next wave of Internet adoption. And if you’re… continue…

How to Build a Windows 8 App – Part I

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By Jeff Cogswell Over the past couple of years, Microsoft has been building up its own app store, just as Apple and Google have done. It supports both Windows Phone as well as the desktop operating system, Windows 8. As a programmer, you can create apps for Windows 8, upload them to the Windows store and (hopefully!) start making money. If you’re willing to create apps that make use of the new Windows 8 interface, you can make the apps… continue…